Members of Congress Will Now Be Forced to Settle Sexual Harassment Claims with Their OWN MONEY

You’ve probably heard about the recent revelation that members of Congress were able to use taxpayer money to quietly settle sexual harassment allegations. Basically, there was a slush fund they could dip into to silence their accusers and the taxpayers never knew. Obviously, that’s ridiculous and the hypocrisy there is staggering.

Now, those days are apparently over.

From The Daily Wire:

Members of Congress will no longer be able to rely on taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment and sexual misconduct claims, thanks to legislation passed just this week.

The Huffington Post reports that the final version of the bill passed Thursday, “sailing” through the House and Senate by unanimous consent, and will be on President Donald Trump’s desk awaiting a signature by the end of this week.

“Time is finally up for members of Congress who think that they can sexually harass and get away with it. They will no longer be able to slink away with no one knowing that they have harassed. … They will pay back the U.S. Treasury,” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), one of the primary sponsors of the bill told reporters on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Great news.

However, we deserve more answers.

Congress should release the names of the people who used this slush fund and they should immediately be held accountable to the voters.

You have to imagine there are Republicans and Democrats on that list but the voters deserve to know if their money was used to silence accusers.

What happened to “believe all women”?

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