Professional Athlete Transitions from Male to Female – Now He’s Dominating the Women’s World Championships in Handball

Things are pretty weird in 2018 when it comes to gender. Democrats have completely given up on science and biology and they’d like us to live in a world where men can we women and women can be men if that’s what they feel in their minds. It’s ludicrous. It also ends up creating some situations that are really unfair.

For example, check out what’s happening in Australia.

From The Daily Wire:

Standing at six-foot-two and weighing-in at 220 pounds, male-to-female transgender handballer Hannah Mouncey is dominating at the women’s Asian Championships in Japan.

Before his transition to female in May 2016, Mousey played for the Australian men’s handball team.

According to Handbolls Kanalen, Mouncey scored four goals in a match against Kazakhstan on Friday and contributed a combined eight goals in matches against Japan and Iran.

“Australia defeated Iran by 29-24 and the result may turn out to be gold worth. If they finish in fifth place or better, Oceania is winning a World Cup through the Asian Championship. It also means that IHF will not have a wild card to share,” reports the Swedish outlet.

This is supposed to be normal now? There’s no way the majority of people in America are comfortable with this. If your daughter was playing sports and a man was playing with her and dominating how would you feel about that? Probably not great.

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