NRA Takes David Hogg To School After Teen Pushes for Federal Tax on Firearm Sales

David Hogg’s latest attempt to push his anti-gun agenda didn’t do very well after the NRA was done responding to him.

Hogg has a habit of falsely claiming that the NRA, a membership organization of millions of law-abiding fellow Americans, are “terrorists” or contributory in the deaths of children.

But the NRA stood up once again as he tried to push more anti-gun propaganda.

“Congress ought to create a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research,” Hogg posted in late November.

Well, the NRA answered him this weekend.

From Conservative Tribune:

“It’s always satisfying when an anti-gunner reveals just how uneducated they are about firearms,” the NRA retorted on their Twitter account. “Recently, this distinction goes to David Hogg, who has repeatedly called for a federal tax on firearms and ammunition — which he must not realize already exists.”


But this is typical.

Many anti-gun folks like Hogg have no idea what laws are actually already on the books, even as they call for more laws.

As the NRA Institute for Legislative Action notes, the “idea of a tax on firearms and ammunition predates Hogg by about a hundred years.”

“A moment on Google would have shown Mr. Hogg as much,” the NRA-ILA added in a zinger.

“The Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) was first imposed in 1919. In 1937, the Pittman-Robertson Act directed all revenue from FAET and related excise taxes to be used for hunting-related activities. The FAET includes a 10% tax on the sale price of pistols and revolvers and 11% of the sale price of other firearms and ammunition, and 11% tax on archery equipment. The tax is applied whether or not the equipment is likely to be used for hunting,” the NRA-ILA explained.

And they also noted that Hogg’s suggestion would take money from the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund.

“More than $12 billion has been collected under the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937, including more than $761 million in fiscal year 2017 alone. Revenues from the tax are placed into the Wildlife Restoration Trust Fund and distributed to the states and U.S. territories,” the NRA-ILA said.

How about taking the gap year to study up on what laws already do exist, David?

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