James Woods: Video of Obama Praising Emmanuel Macron Hasn’t Aged Well, ‘Imagine If Trump Did This’

France has been in flames for the past several weekends with people protesting. It started against the fuel tax which was imposed as a part of the climate change deal but morphed into a broader protest against being overtaxed and overregulated, encompassing all political stripes and all ages of protesters.

But one thing they all seem to be united in is their unhappiness with French president Emmanuel Macron.

Among the more troubling pictures from the protest was one of some high school students from Saint-Exupéry and Jean-Rostand high schools forced to their knees, with their hands on their heads, while surrounded by riot police. They had been protesting reforms to the exam system.

Reports were there were rocks thrown at the police and the students were tear gassed.

Just what a president at 18% popularity needs.

That was so striking that some criticism snuck through into the U.S. media.

Yet U.S. media who loves Macron has basically been skipping over what started the protests and the measures taken to stop it. While they excoriated President Donald Trump for the brief release of tear gas at the border when migrants were storming it and attacking border patrol agents, they’ve been pretty quiet about the Macron measures taken against protesters including tear gas and other measures on a regular basis.

And as Macron’s popularity tanks with his response to the protests, conservative actor James Woods notes who was promoting Macron to the French and to the world during his campaign.

How’s that working out?

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