WATCH: Steve Scalise Completely Shuts Down Whoopi Goldberg On Gun Control

There’s perhaps no one better to take on Whoopi Goldberg on the question of gun control than House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA).

Scalise, who survived an assassination attempt against GOP lawmakers during a Congressional baseball practice last year, appeared on ‘The View’ this week and took on Goldberg in a debate about guns.

Scalise had been critically wounded and almost died during the shooting by an enraged leftist who shouted “This is for health care!” as he shot.

But for Whoopi, that was an indication that Scalise should be in favor of gun control.

From Conservative Tribune:

“I’m a bit surprised that after all you went through that you don’t seem to have an idea that there may be some more gun control that we need to work on with stuff like this — with people who maybe shouldn’t have access to them,” Goldberg said. [….]

“I’ve got deep-rooted conservative beliefs, but they’re rooted in what the fundamental foundation of this country is based on,” the Louisiana Republican said.

“I mean, when the Constitution was written initially they didn’t have a protection for guns because our Founders just thought it was an assumed right,” Scalise said. “Later they added it in the Bill of Rights as the Second Amendment, but they felt very strongly every American has the right to defend themselves.”

Scalise noted that making more laws wasn’t going to stop people who were already disregarding the laws. “If someone goes and uses a gun to commit a crime, they’ve broken a series of laws to get there.”

And had they not been armed, had they not had the Capitol Police there because he was the House Majority Whip, all of the lawmakers and their staff might have been killed. It was because they were armed that they were able to defend themselves.

Whoopi then brought up the common misbelief that the Second Amendment use of the term ‘militia.’

“So, we talk about the Founding Fathers from time to time, because we have all these discussions about guns and gun laws, and I’m a gun owner,” Goldberg began her next question. “What do you think they were talking about? What kind of guns? Because it says if you’re part of the militia, you have every right to carry arms.”

Scalise responded by reiterating the right of Americans to defend themselves.

“Look, our Founding Fathers, what they really talked about was that people had a right to defend themselves,” Scalise said.

“It did say militia,” Goldberg responded.

But Scalise cleared that up as well, explaining that militia doesn’t mean what some on the left thinks it means.

“The Supreme Court, by the way, answered this question a few years ago. There was a question of whether or not ‘the militia’ only meant you have to be in the military to be able to own a gun or can you own it individually. … The Supreme Court said, very clearly, you can own a gun, not just as a member of the military but also individually to protect yourself.”

In 2008, the Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protected an individual’s right to own a firearm without service in the military.

The court explained that the “militia” portion of the Second Amendment was included “to deny Congress power to abridge the ancient right of individuals to keep and bear arms, so that the ideal of a citizens’ militia would be preserved.”

Whoopi didn’t have much of a response to that and ended saying, “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Translation: Scalise just bested all her arguments.

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