Migrant Woman Who Scaled Border to Give Birth in US Now Complains about Hospital Conditions: I Was Treated ‘Like a Criminal’

Trump was criticized by both sides of the aisle when he came out and said he opposed birthright citizenship. That’s unfortunate because he’s 100% correct that birthright citizenship makes no sense and there’s a solid case to be made that the Constitution doesn’t actually protect it. The idea that anyone who shows up in America can have a child and that child is a citizen really just makes no sense at face value.

Speaking of birthright citizenship, it looks like the first migrant caravan member has hopped the fence and given birth in America.

From Fox News:

A Honduran woman is believed to be the first member of the migrant caravan to have a child in the United States after scaling the border wall with her family and giving birth within 24 hours.

After somehow climbing the border wall, Serrano-Hernandez and her family were met by three border patrol agents who demanded they return to Tijuana. The family refused and asked for asylum. They were taken to the Imperial Beach Station in San Diego County for processing.

Serrano-Hernandez was in labor. Soon thereafter, she gave birth to a baby boy.

She went on to say that she was treated like a ‘criminal’.

“I felt like a criminal,” Serrano-Hernandez said.

Her husband claims immigration officials, who stood guard outside the hospital room, closed all the windows and tried placing handcuffs on the new mother moments after giving birth. They also inspected food brought in by nurses and monitored people entering and exiting the room. The nurses held a drive and gifted the family clothes, diapers and baby wipes but Ortiz says once his family returned to the San Diego detention center, their property was confiscated.

Well, you did commit a crime so it shouldn’t be that surprising that you felt like a criminal.

Looks like they will be in America for the rest of their lives.

We all understand that immigrants are good but this woman definitely did a disservice to all the immigrants who are waiting in line trying to do it the right way. She also put her unborn baby in some serious danger climbing over that wall. Clearly, she wanted to get to the United States badly but the mere fact that a lot of people want to come here doesn’t trump our laws. A lot of people want things. You know who wants things? The American workers hurt by illegal immigration. You know who wants something? Kate Steinle’s mother. She’d like her daughter back.

This kind of thing will just keep happening until politicians on both sides decide to get serious about immigration.

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