Ungrateful Migrant Who Complained about Free Food from Mexico, Calling It ‘Pig Food’, Seen Dining in Texas

We all remember the woman in the migrant caravan who seemed to take issue with the free food she was provided along the way.

That story may have taken an interesting turn. There’s some people online who are saying that Mirian Celaya is actually in Dallas now.

From Gateway Pundit:

This weekend Mirian was filmed in Dallas, Texas eating at a local restaurant.

When everyone wondered where Mirian Celaya is, the Honduran migrant who despised Mexican beans, she was already crossing to the US.

And in the last hours have circulated videos of the Honduran controversy with his sister, celebrating his arrival in the ‘American dream’.

“Here is my sister, for all those who hurt my sister, all those who said she was dead,” says Mirian’s sister in tears.

Can’t confirm for certain that’s her but if it is then wow.

This is allegedly a photo from inside the restaurant.

Good grief.

H/T Azteca America

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