Dem Senator Says Democrats Struggle to Relate to People Because of ‘How Smart We Are’

You may recall Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI). Hirono was prominent during the Kavanaugh hearings telling men that they should just “shut up” and step up and accept the allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh despite there being no evidence to back them up. So much for a presumption of innocence.

Now Hirono is speaking again with a similarly cogent take.

According to Hirono, the reason that Democrats have difficulty connecting with voters is because of how “smart” Democrats are and because Democrats “know so much.”

Hirono gave an interview during the “Bend Towards Justice” conference in Washington, D.C. and was asked what Democrats need to do to make Democratic voters more concerned about the judicial system.

From Free Beacon:

“I wish I had the answer to that, because one of the things that we Democrats have a really hard time is connecting to people’s hearts instead of here,” Hirono said, pointing to her brain. “We’re really good at shoving out all the information that touches people here,” she continued, again pointing to her head, “but not here,” she said, touching her chest.

“I have been saying at all of our Democratic Senate retreats that we need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way, not in a way that brings forth everyone’s fears and resentments, but truly to speak to the heart so that people know that we’re actually on their side,” Hirono added.

“We have a really hard time doing that, and one of the reasons that was told to me at one of our retreats is that we Democrats know so much that is true,” she said. “We have to kind of tell everyone how smart we are, so we have a tendency to be very left brain and we think, this—really, that is not how people make decisions.”

Wow. And they wonder why they lose? It’s that kind of elitist belief about themselves.

Not to mention that all they try to do is make emotional appeals that are not tied to factual reality.

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