Migrants Seen at Border Dropping Young Children Off Nearly 20 Ft Border Fence

The media never seems to ask one of the obvious questions about the migrant caravan and illegal immigration in general. What kind of parent puts their children in harm’s way like that? What kind of parent sends their child on a dangerous journey alone with a human trafficker. What kind of parent puts their child in a situation where they could get tear gassed? It’s a question at least worth asking is it not?

These smugglers are not good people for the most part and we saw evidence of that yet again recently.

From Washington Examiner:

Three Guatemalans trying to enter Arizona illegally through Mexico on Monday dropped three young children from the top of the 18-foot wall down to family members on the U.S. side, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The border agency said a security camera operator watching footage from Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector saw the group of people and a suspected smuggler at the wall near the San Luis Port of Entry. The smuggler helped the adults plus a 10-year-old child over the barrier from the Mexico side.

Once the adults were over the 18-foot barrier, the person from the Mexican side got the two smallest children — a two-year-old and seven-year-old — up to the top then dropped them to the adults below, according to a news release.

The only argument you hear when asking questions about this stuff is that these parents just want the best for the kids but isn’t that a little strange? You want the best for these kids so you put them in more danger?

A little strange.

Here’s the video.

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