Conservative Group Releases Holiday Shopping Guide For Conservatives

Typically, Thanksgiving signals (among many other things) the start of the Christmas season and we all know that Black Friday is considered the busiest shopping day of the year. How do conservatives make sure that they aren’t giving their money to companies that hate conservative values this shopping season?

One group has just released a guide to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

From The Daily Wire:

2ndVote describes itself as a “conservative watchdog for corporate activism” that “exposes the corporations and organizations funding liberal advocacy.” The group’s stated mission is to “expose the corporate influence on matters of culture and policy and turn the tide on the attacks on conservative values and principles.”

2ndVote’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide offers a list of gifts from establishments that have passed the group’s rigorous vetting system.

The group scores big businesses on a scale from one to five based on their liberal activism:

1. The score of 1 indicates direct donations or direct support to a liberal group, cause, organization, or non-profit.

2: The score of 2 indicates indirect donations or indirect support to a liberal group, cause or organization or non-profit. For example: When a company contributes to a United Way chapter that funds Planned Parenthood.

3: The score of 3 indicates neutrality on an issue. Either a company has no record of supporting or not supporting any issue or the company has given to equally between liberal and conservative groups, causes, organizations and non-profits.

4: The score of 4 indicates indirect donations or support to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit.

5. The score of 5 indicates direct donations or supports to a conservative group, cause, organization or non-profit.

You can check out the list of products and companies here.

Not everyone is on board with boycotts but if you are then this guide should be a big help.

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