Obama Mocks Every Leader He’s Ever Met In 1 Min and 19 Seconds

Former President Barack Obama had a narcissism problem while he was in office and he still has it now that he’s out of office and trying to assert his relevance. Most former presidents have been respectful about criticizing the president in office who followed them, George W. Bush being a notable example. But not Barack Obama. Not only has he been free with his criticism of President Donald Trump, he’s been free with his attacks on anyone who thinks differently than he does.

At a recent Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, he said that not enough Americans were signing aboard to fight climate change because they were “still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism [and] mommy issues.”

Talk about an arrogant and narcissistic attack on Americans.

Yes, only he has the answer (despite not actually having the evidence) and everyone who disagrees is obviously deficient.

From MRC:

According to the data, Americans continue to lead the world in cutting CO2 emissions, even as literally every European nation who signed on to Obama’s Paris Agreement have consistently failed to meet their own carbon-cutting promises. According to Forbes, the United States’ carbon dioxide emissions have declined by more than 758 million metric tons since 2005, “by far the largest decline of any country in the world over that timespan and is nearly as large as the 770 million metric ton decline for the entire European Union.”

Then again, it’s much more expedient to simply call someone a “racist” than to actually deal with the facts.

But Obama went even further than that.

Not only are Americans who don’t buy what he’s selling about climate change deficient, so is everyone he’s ever worked with in politics and every leader he’s met along the way.

He describes the “knucklehead” alderman “resistant to doing the right thing” (naturally, the ‘right thing’ is what he wants). Then there are the ‘jamokes’ in the state legislature who are incapable of getting anything done. And in the U.S. Senate. “And then when you’re president,” he says, “And you have all these international meetings and you look around and it’s the same people.”

How does someone get this full of himself? Is that his excuse for not actually achieving anything positive?

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