‘ASSAULT ON DEMOCRACY’: 9 Charged In Election Fraud Scheme

Democrats have tried to convince us over and over that voter fraud doesn’t exist. The only problem is that the evidence of voter fraud is pretty overwhelming at this point and a simple Google search will tell you that. Common sense tells you that there are people out there who want to abuse the voting system.

In Los Angeles, 9 people have been charged with voter fraud and you aren’t going to hear about it on CNN.

From The Daily Wire:

Nine people have been criminally charged after a Los Angeles election fraud scheme was busted by undercover officers.

Hundreds of homeless people on skid row were targeted and given cash and cigarettes in exchange for fraudulent signatures on voter registration forms or ballot initiatives this year and during the 2016 election cycle, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“They paid individuals to sign the names,” said LAPD officer Deon Joseph of the defendants. “That’s an assault on our democracy.”

In Los Angeles, you can earn up to $6 a signature on proposed ballot initiatives. “People hired to help qualify initiatives for the ballot are often paid per signature collected, typically $1 to $2, but officials said a recent slew of proposed ballot initiatives had pushed the rate as high as $6 a signature,” says the report. You cannot, however, pay people for signatures.

You’re fooling yourself if you think this kind of thing doesn’t go on all the time all across the country.

Democrats pretend to be upset about Russia “meddling” in our election and yet this doesn’t bother them at all.

Very strange.

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