Acosta Receives Letter from White House, Says His Press Pass Is Being Revoked AGAIN

Freedom of the press doesn’t entitle any reporter to show up at the White House and do whatever they want. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that but somehow CNN thinks that the First Amendment guarantees Jim Acosta the right to make a mockery out of White House press conferences.

Recently, a Trump appointed judge sided with CNN in their lawsuit against the White House.

The White House didn’t back down and they are now saying that they will revoke Acosta’s pass again once the temporary order expires.

CNN isn’t pleased.

From The Daily Wire:

CNN on Monday filed new papers with the U.S. District Court on Monday accusing the Trump administration of seeking to violate the rights of the liberal network and one its reporters, Jim Acosta.

The move came after the White House informed Acosta on Friday of a “preliminary decision” to once again revoke his White House press pass after a temporary 14-day order reinstating the pass expires. But an attorney for CNN and Acosta claims that the move would punish Acosta, using “retroactive” rules that are not formal. The filing asks for a hearing next week.

“The filing also claims the Trump administration did not respond to CNN’s offer to work with the White House on establishing protocols for future press conferences,” Fox News reported.

Great move by the White House. Jim Acosta isn’t a journalist. He’s not a reporter. He’s a liberal activist and his grandstanding during these press conferences is a disgrace to the profession and the moment he pushed that female staffer’s hand away he deserved to lose his credentials.

In case you missed it, here’s the video that started this whole controversy.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could watch that video and come to the conclusion that guy deserves a press pass.

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