WATCH OUT: Dems Hoping To Swipe Senate Seat in Mississippi

Looks like Rick Scott is likely to prevail in Florida as the final hand count winds down there in his fight for the Senate. But that isn’t the last Senate race to settle for the midterms. There’s one left in Mississippi. And Democrats are doing what they can to try to sway that race. So Republicans better be on their guard.

The Republicans are hoping to come out of the Senate races two up from before. That would give them wiggle room and not have to be concerned about one or two defections.

On election night in Mississippi, Cindy Hyde-Smith came out ahead but because no one garnered 50% of the vote, the top two finishers are going to a run-off on Nov. 27.

The only reason Hyde-Smith didn’t win is because another Republican was also running and siphoned off a lot of her votes. But without that person now in the run-off, ordinarily Hyde-Smith would be a shoo-in for the seat against Democrat Mike Espy in a pretty red state.

But Democrats are doing what they can in the short time left to try to “Beto” Mississippi like they tried to do in Texas.

From Free Beacon:

Hollywood celebrities, trial lawyers, and Clinton administration alumni are rushing to underwrite the candidacy of Mike Espy, who is vying to capture a U.S. Senate seat for the Democratic Party in Mississippi.

Espy, the first and to-date only African American to lead the Department of Agriculture, garnered nearly 40 percent of the vote in the Nov. 6 special election to determine the remainder of former Republican senator Thad Cochran’s term. ….

Espy’s second-place showing and the prospect of a run-off, where turnout is likely to be lower, has ignited Democratic hopes of snagging another Senate seat in the deep South. Those hopes have resulted in a flood of support and campaign contributions from the legal and entertainment professions aligned with the Democratic Party.

How much have they poured into the race in the week after the election?

In the week between the special election and Nov. 15, Espy’s campaign raised more than $250,000 in part due to out-of-state donors like Chelsea Handler and Lorne Michaels, the producer of Saturday Night Live. Both Handler and Michaels have donated $2,500 to Espy’s campaign since the primary. Handler, who backed a bevy of losing Democratic congressional candidates this year, has been particularly active in boosting Espy on social media.

Espy’s campaign has further received donations from Hollywood celebrities like Jeffrey Katzenberg and actress Nancy Stephens, among others.

They’re fighting hard for Espy because they know him to be a reliable liberal vote.

Lucien Smith, the chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, told the Washington Free Beacon out-of-state donors were flocking to Espy because his record indicates he would be a reliable vote for the Democratic Party. “Mike Espy was a liberal member of Congress, a liberal member of the Clinton cabinet, and he is now being supported by out-of-state liberals because they know he would be a solid … vote they can rely on in the U.S. Senate.”

Apart from receiving support from traditional Democratic groups, Espy’s campaign has been heavily underwritten by the high-ranking Clinton staffers and cabinet officers with whom he served.

Bill Clinton even came out to fundraise for him despite admitting being “troubled” by the controversies that led to Espy’s departure from his cabinet.

In 1994, less than two years after being appointed to head the USDA, Espy resigned amid allegations of improperly accepting gifts and misusing federal resources. A particular sticking point for the White House was the disclosure that a food industry giant, which the USDA was weighing action against, had awarded a scholarship to Espy’s then-girlfriend through one of its nonprofits.

The allegations, serious enough to warrant an independent counsel, resulted in Espy’s indictment on 30 criminal charges in 1997. Although he was eventually acquitted, a jury found that Espy had accepted gifts from groups with business in front of the USDA, but prosecutors were unable to prove the gifts resulted in any preferential treatment.

Sounds like a perfect liberal choice. And it’s all about retaining their power.

And they obviously don’t give a darn about his past.

And notice most media isn’t bringing it up.

Meanwhile, media is trying to attack Hyde=Smith over a joke she made with college students about liberals.

But that’s ‘objective media.’

Republicans better be wary in Mississippi and do all they can to get folks out to vote in that run-off.

And make sure there’s no funny business in counting the votes.

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