WATCH: ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Talks About His Next Move and 2020

He lost in Texas, but that isn’t stopping those on the left who fell for Robert “Beto” O’Rourke from wanting to vote for him for other things. And one thing they have pretensions to is the White House. Now O’Rourke who previously said he was definitively not interested in 2020 has changed his mind and isn’t ‘ruling it out.’

O’Rourke is a rabid progressive and he got a lot of celebrity endorsements.

But he’s known less for any actual policies or positions and more for appealing to liberal emotions by playing the guitar or skateboarding.

Here’s a sample of media coverage of him:

Yeesh. “Vote for this guy, none of his ideas make any sense but he looks hot cooking a steak.”

And he got a lot of outside money.

But Texas, being the sensible folks they are, rejected being bought.

But TMZ queried him about his thoughts for higher office and his position moved from an absolutely not to that typical politician equivalent, ‘I’m not ruling anything out’ position for 2020.

From Free Beacon:

“It’s been a little bit more than a week since we lost this election and ran this race, and I’m still taking that in and trying to figure out just where I am and where my family is, so, no, we haven’t really been able to talk—” O’Rourke said, before the cameraman interrupted.

“So it sounds like you might be open to it, possibly?” he asked.

“You know … I haven’t made any decisions about anything is probably the best way for me to put it,” he said. “I think everything’s too fresh still for me.”

He also commented on the situation between Jim Acosta and the White House. He said that he was happy that Acosta got his pass back. “I don’t think any president should be picking who is reporting what is going on in the White House or who’s covering them.” Of course, Trump is not “picking” who is covering him, he’s simply asking for decorum and respect for himself, his interns and the rest of the press, all of whom are damaged by Acosta’s obnoxious actions.

As if we didn’t have enough empty-headed Democrats already throwing their hats in the ring.

It’s beginning to look like the question isn’t who is running, but who will not be running.

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