IT’S OVER: Georgia Race Is Finally Done, But Stacey Abrams Throws a Twist

Democrats are really proving they are sore losers. It started with Hillary Clinton where she’s spent the last two years trying to figure out “what happened” rather than just accepting that she lost because people didn’t want her. Now it’s Stacey Abrams turn. But the facts have finally gotten to her.

Stacey Abrams finally had to admit the votes were not in her favor and she’s given up her fight for governor in Georgia.

Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate and former Secretary of State, had more than 50,000 votes over her. She had been hoping to find votes to get her close enough to force a run-off, pushing him below 50% in the voting.

But the votes just aren’t there for her.

But while she’s giving up, she still being a sore loser and saying that she’s not “conceding.”

“I will not concede because the erosion of our democracy is not right.”

But you’ll attack the legitimacy of the election because that wouldn’t be ‘eroding democracy,’ right?

“More than 200 years into Georgia’s democratic experiment, the state failed its voters,” she said, talking of Kemp’s cancellation of voters who didn’t recently vote in elections.

Um, that’s the way it works? If you don’t periodically vote, you will be purged. No conspiracy, normal practice. That’s why if you don’t get a sample ballot, you should check to make sure you’re registered.

Abrams also complained of the long lines and that ballots were rejected by the “handwriting police.”

Protip? That’s not fraud either. Normal practice to check the signature.

Abrams said, “Voting is not a right for some. It’s a right for all.” And you haven’t presented any evidence that anyone had that right wrongly removed.

While she isn’t challenging the results of the election, she said they would be filing a lawsuit challenging the way the election was run “We will be filing a major federal lawsuit for the gross mismanagement of this election.”

Ms. Abrams said she would be creating an organization devoted to overhauling Georgia’s elections system.

Democrats had been bemoaning her loss and claiming she was robbed all week, according to the Daily Wire.

“I know Stacey well – she was one of my really strong surrogates in the campaign,” Clinton said. “If she’d had a fair election, she already would have won.”

Sherrod Brown echoed that:

“If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it,” Brown claimed. “It’s clear. It’s clear. I say that publicly. It’s clear.” No, Sherrod, it isn’t clear.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid spread conspiracy theories, claiming Kemp “bioengineered” the election.

And that font of civility, Kathy Griffin weighed in today.

Can we say sore losers?

HT: Twitchy

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