Dem Rep. Eric ‘Nuke ‘Em’ Swalwell Has MORE Things to Say About Grabbing Your Guns

People were pretty stunned on Friday when Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested to someone challenging his gun confiscation plan that the government could just ‘nuke’ anyone opposed to the gun grab. But he followed up that truly shocking remark with some more posts that showed just how ignorant he is about guns and how scary it is that this guy has any power at all.

Here was part of his crazy ‘nuke ’em’ interaction.

*Warning for language*

Swalwell is pushing an out-and-out mandatory gun confiscation plan for assault weapons. No grandfathering of weapons, people would have to turn them over or be prosecuted.

What are “assault weapons?” It’s an imaginary term that means different things to different people.

What does it mean to Swalwell? It’s not clear.

And how the government would go about getting those millions of weapons from people is not clear.

Dana Loesch, who is a spokesperson for the NRA, tried to plumb what his plans were.

So he wants to get rid of the things that are not generally used in murders. Rifles by some reports are used in fewer than .03 murders. And, obviously, the AR-15, which anti-gun crowd likes to demonize, would be used in even fewer than that.

And he thinks adding a pistol grip makes them “more powerful?” And this guy is a Congressman?

Loesch asked him a further questions he didn’t seem to be able to answer:

And, of course, the guns are not evil but depend on who wields them.

Which of course is the whole goal of gun-grabbers like Swalwell.

HT: Daily Caller

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