‘This Is a Sickness’: House Democrats Ban Chick-fil-A from Their Thanksgiving Meal

Liberals have been pretty twisted when it comes to holidays like Thanksgiving.

In the past, they have counseled how to preach to those regressive relatives who don’t share their ‘enlightened’ views during Thanksgiving dinner.

Politico’s reporter on the Congress, Rachel Bade, who also happens to be a CNN political analyst, let everyone know how House Democrats were celebrating a ‘Thanksgiving-type’ meal for their first caucus meeting.

Except there was one thing they weren’t going to have for dinner, Bade noted.

What the heck? These are adults?

These are the people now making laws for our country?

Apparently having a Christian CEO who believes in traditional marriage makes Chick-fil-A food “ideological” and therefore inedible. This despite the fact the stores discriminate against no one, provide great food and service and do demonstrable good work in every community they’re in. But that’s the Democrats for you, they even have to inject politics into such a meal.

So what is ‘acceptable’ food to Democrats?

Ben and Jerry’s Resist ice cream?

Turkey from The Red Hen?

Elizabeth Warren’s fake Cherokee cookies?

Thanks whoever voted for these folks. You own this.

H/T Twitchy

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