Melania too Stupid to Make Staff Decisions, ‘Just a Former Model’, CNN Panel Suggests in Mind-Numbing Segment

A CNN panel flipped out at the report that First Lady Melania Trump had expressed the opinion that deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel didn’t “deserve the honor” of serving in the White House.

Now that’s obviously a strong statement from Mrs. Trump’s office when she generally is very selective about her comments. Which suggests that her concerns were not minor or that there was a serious concern. Reports suggested that the concern involved Ricardel’s behavior surrounding Trump’s Africa trip.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to one source, communications leading up to that tour “didn’t go well.”

Another individual described funding for the October trip as a central sticking point. Specifically, Trump reportedly felt that Ricardel’s office did not offer sufficient National Security Council resources for the mission.

One source cited by Bloomberg suggested that Ricardel attempted to leverage government resources in an effort to join the group of people traveling with the first lady.

Another Reuters source said Ricardel had “sort of alienated” almost everyone in the administration. Her lone ally, the source indicated, is Bolton, her boss.

Jake Tapper started the discussion attacking the First Lady’s comments, saying that he had “never seen anything like this, a First Lady publicly calling for a National Security official to be fired.” Of course, that’s nonsense, given the power behind the scenes wielded by prior First Ladies.

Amanda Carpenter, the alleged ‘conservative’ on the panel, then went into full-blown attack. “Last time I checked we didn’t have a royal family but they sure do like to act like it.”

She acknowledged there could be a legitimate reason for wanting her out but said “we all should be concerned” that the first lady was calling for the firing of a National Security advisor. “Last time I checked, the first lady didn’t have any national security experience so I’d prefer that other people make national security decisions more than just a former model.”

How nasty is that?

Symone Sanders then derided Mrs. Trump, asking where were her opinions on things that were “in her purview.” Yes, just stay in your lane, you’re not allowed to comment on anything policy related.

Mary Katherine Ham said it was squarely in the “bananas” realm of action. She also added that it was “weird” for Mrs. Trump to “pop off like this” when she didn’t generally. “How does John Bolton react that somone has veto power over his deputy help?”

There is no evidence that she does, in fact, have “veto power” and at last check, Ricardel was still in her position.

Melania Trump really does get under their skin.

Oddly it was left to Paul Begala to bring a spot of sanity and truth to the discussion, noting that this was nothing compared to the actions of prior First Ladies. He noted that Edith Wilson actually ran the country while her husband was incapacitated. “Nancy Reagan fired the Chief of Staff.”

If it had been Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama we would have heard, “She’s a strong woman expressing her opinion,” not treating a woman dismissively because she had been a model.

Indeed, Clinton tried to take over health care and Americans were told if they voted for Bill Clinton, they would get two-for-one, although she had no elected right to make any policy or take any official actions. Many forget just how involved she was in taking actions that supposedly she wasn’t ‘entitled to do’ during her husband’s administration.

From Washington Examiner:

Soon after her husband became president in 1993, first lady Hillary Clinton allegedly engineered the firing of seven employees of the White House travel office and the hiring of a firm with ties to the Clintons to replace them. Multiple investigations absolved the president of involvement but Hillary Clinton was found to have made false statements to investigators.

When first lady Hillary Clinton convened her task force to create her husband’s national healthcare program, it included multiple representatives from government, the health and insurance industries and academics. Despite the obvious potential for conflicts of interest in closed deliberations, the task force’s meetings were kept secret throughout its existence.

Melania Trump expressing an opinion about an official doesn’t even come close.

The relevant part starts at 5:57:

H/T Mediaite

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