Major Twist in Broward County Election Scandal: Ballot Design May Have Misled 26,000 Voters

The saga of the Florida election goes on as the recount continues and the GOP tries to make sure that there’s no more funny business going on in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. But there’s more scandal about the Broward vote that’s beginning to get more attention.

That’s the serious concern about the high rate of undervoting in the Senate race.

The U.S. Senate race, a hotly contested race, had 26,000 fewer votes than did the governor’s race in Broward, according to FiveThirtyEight. There isn’t the same disparity in other counties.

So the question comes: why is there that unique disparity in Broward which has already faced so many questions?

One argument some have made is that the undervote may be due to poor ballot design in Broward.

From Conservative Tribune:

The machine-readable sheets list the Senate race, between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson, in the left-most bottom corner, beneath a lengthy instruction section. The governor’s race, which received over 20,000 more votes, has prominent billing at the top of the center column.

The problem is so glaring that even MSNBC is commenting on the ballot’s layout.

No other place in Florida experienced the level of undervoting Broward County did.

The person responsible for the design of the ballot ultimately is the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, who has already come under a lot of fire for questionable actions.

She was found to have been violating the law for a variety of different reporting requirements including reporting how many total ballots had been received. Do we still even know? It’s not clear. She also mixed in invalid ballots with valid ballots.

And she had a past history of improperly destroying ballots as well as other complaints.

The unhappiness with her on both sides of the aisle is growing. Even Jeb Bush who appointed her has called for her to be removed.

Her response that criticism of her was unfounded. Notice how the media tried to help her out, saying that there hadn’t been any “wrongdoing.”

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