Fox News Personality Shares Horrifying Details of Being Attacked, ‘Abused’ at Bar Over Weekend

Fox News personality Kat Timpf is now revealing more details about being chased out of a bar because she works for Fox News.

Timpf works for Fox News, National Review and the Greg Gutfeld show. She’s hardly a controversial figure.

But that didn’t matter at the Brooklyn bar. And just to put it in perspective, areas of Brooklyn are very ‘hipster’ liberal so that might explain this.

From National Review:

After arriving at the bar, Timpf became separated from her friends and found herself in conversation with a man she didn’t know, who inquired about her occupation. Timpf explained that she worked at Fox News and the conversation proceeded unremarkably. A while later, Timpf was confronted by a woman, who, after hearing she worked at Fox News, became enraged and began shouting at her in a threatening manner.

“This girl started going nuts on me, screaming at me to get out of the bar. I found her very threatening,” Timpf said of the woman, whom she had never met before. She said she tried to move to another section of the large bar but the young woman followed her while continuing to scream.

As the clearly intoxicated woman continued to follow her and rant at her, did the other folks in the bar come to her defense? Nope. According to Timpf, they stood by and laughed.

After realizing no one in the group would defend her in what might become a violent situation, Timpf was forced to flee the bar.

“It was super uncomfortable and I didn’t want things to get physical,” she said.

It’s not the first instance of politically motivated harassment Timpf has dealt with while out in Brooklyn. Last year, an unidentified man dumped a bottle of water on her head while she was preparing to speak at a local campaign event, and she was again harassed while eating at a Manhattan restaurant several months ago.

“This is the third time this has happened to me, so I’m just over it,” she said, adding that she has no plans to limit her public exposure despite the hostility.

Timpf said she has to go about her life, she isn’t going to let this impede her.

But she noted that it has nothing to do with anything that she’s said, saying none of the people who have harassed her can actually point to anything she’s said, just who she works for.

And what’s troubling it people justifying it, just like they justified the attack on Tucker Carlson’s family.

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