CNN Runs Propaganda For Nancy Pelosi, Regrets It BIG-TIME

With the midterms, many in media seemed to remove any semblance of impartiality in their coverage. And, of course, CNN was the worst, with its president, hosts and chyrons blaming President Donald Trump for the actions of lunatic criminals. And now it looks like they intend to continue in their outright advocacy for the Democratic party.

Check this story from them. This is not labeled opinion, but news.

Really? Are they kidding?

This is the gaffe machine who Republicans tee off on, and justifiably so.

This is the ‘Speaker’ whose job is likely in danger because she can’t even captivate her own party and a majority may not even want her as Speaker, according to some reports.

But “she’s a badass” is news?

From Newsbusters:

Reporter Dana Bash asked Pelosi ZERO tough questions and instead lauded on a woman-to-woman level: “Nancy Pelosi certain knows her power more than any other woman I’ve ever covered in politics. And I’ve always wondered how.”

Bash wondered, “How do you think you wield your power differently than a man does?” Viewers are informed that the liberal Democrat “attributes her boundless energy to Italian genes.” Also, as the two toured a chocolate shop, she explains that Pelosi is “as strict about her chocolate as she is for standing up for herself.”

My, what journalism. CNN’s Twitter page touts its commitment to #FactsFirst and the bio proclaims: “It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories.” Where were the difficult questions to Pelosi?

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