Rick Scott Makes His Move to NUKE Any Steal of the Election In Florida

The leader in the Senate race in Florida, Governor Rick Scott, is doing all he can to preserve what he believes is his rightful victory and to stop any funny business from overturning it.

Scott has just filed a motion to secure the election equipment used in Palm Beach and Broward Counties until the count is done to make sure that nothing is tampered with.

Given the laws which have already been violated, this is a great move to prevent more ballots from suddenly being ‘found’ and added in.

It’s beyond frustrating to think that you have to go through this to ensure that there aren’t more violations of the law.

This is the third suit filed by Scott.

From Twitchy:

“In the first complaint, the Scott campaign alleges Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes counted a certain number of ballots after the Saturday noon deadline. The campaign announced it is filing two other lawsuits against Snipes and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Buchner, requesting voting tabulation equipment be impounded after the machine recount is completed. The lawsuits also request both supervisors be required to preserve all ballots and records connected with the 2018 election.”

There are already a number of questions about whether invalid votes were counted including ballots counted after deadlines and the Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes admitting that she improperly mixed around 20 invalid ballots in with valid ballots.

Scott has called on his opponent, incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson to accept his loss but he’s refusing.

Democrats and some in media are trying to spin Republican concerns about Democratic election officials breaking the law as a ‘conspiracy theory’ or an attempt to prevent votes from being counted.

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