Rubio UNLEASHES, Claims Dems Are Trying To Steal Florida Senate Race With SHADY Tactics

Republican Senator Marco Rubio claims that one Florida county could be working behind the scenes to influence the outcome of the state’s gubernatorial and senatorial elections.

Rubio claims Broward County has a poor reputation of election integrity and is again seeking to manipulate voter tallies to give Democrat candidates victories.

After election night, Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott held a lead over Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson. Similarly, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis held a lead over Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum.

From the Daily Caller:

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is warning that the fate of his state’s governorship could hang in the hands of Florida’s Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, whom he’s called incompetent for violating state and federal laws. A liberal candidate similarly painted her as incompetent and corrupt.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum initially conceded the Florida race to Republican Ron DeSantis, but backtracked after vote totals changed Thursday, narrowing the gap to less than half a percent in both the gubernatorial and senatorial races. Broward County is often the slowest of the state’s 67 counties to count votes, and its election department has repeatedly been faulted for wrongdoing.

Rubio took to social media where he claimed the county election board could be illegally adding “thousands of additional votes” and “isn’t reporting hourly or regularly.” He went on to claim voter tallies which are released are done “overnight” and are “chipping away at GOP leads.”

Check it out:

The Florida Senator, who was not up for re-election in the 2018 midterm election, also claimed the Broward County Election Board had a history of violating state and federal law:



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