Trump Pledges 1 Thing On Healthcare That May Help Achieve A Republican Victory

The White House and President Trump want to make one thing crystal clear as voters head to the polls on Tuesday: they support healthcare reform and will only consider plans which cover those with pre-existing conditions.

“The president’s been clear. Whatever policy he puts forth on healthcare, it will protect pre-existing conditions,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Sanders also said any potential plan from the president, or that would be signed into law by the president, would include competitive price options (overall lowering the costs of plans) and would be uniquely tailored to the individual and to their needs.

“At the end of the day, the president’s going to do what is necessary to protect people with pre-existing conditions, but also create a healthcare system that actually works, that actually functions, that has competition, that creates an environment where people get the type of healthcare that they need, not just a card that says they have health insurance,” Sanders continued. “Those are two very different things and this president wants to make sure that people have actual healthcare, not just health insurance.”

While Trump has not offered forward a particular plan, the guarantee that pre-existing conditions will be protected could go a long way in the minds of voters who were worried about their healthcare coverage.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Trump endorsed legislation in the past which included coverage for those with pre-existing conditions:

Trump had endorsed the American Health Care Act at the beginning of his administration, which included some funding for some with pre-existing conditions, but critics said at the time the proposal did not go far enough.

In May 2017, the House passed that bill, but the Senate did not take it up and a similar bill failed to pass the upper chamber.

As USA Today reports, the healthcare issues have emerged as the number two issue for voters ahead of the election. Supreme Court appointments took the top spot.

The New York Post reports the Trump administration accomplished a number of notable healthcare achievements, including the approval of more generic drugs so that users have more affordable and effective options available, they expanded the number of healthcare coverage options, and they brought reforms to Medicaid:

First, the administration has made expanded access to prescription drugs a top priority. In the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, the Food and Drug Administration OK’d 971 generic drugs — a record, breaking the old mark of 937 approvals set just last year. Compare that to the 651 green-lighted in 2016 and the 492 the year before under President Barack Obama.

The more rapid approval of generic drugs has had an impact on patients’ wallets — and lives. A recent Council of Economic Advisers report found that the slowdown in prescription drug price growth over the past two years saved consumers $26 billion through July.


Second, the administration has expanded access to more coverage options — particularly short-term plans. That can provide important protections to individuals who develop a pre-existing condition while on one of these plans.

To individuals who can’t afford pricey ObamaCare plans, changes to short-term, limited-duration insurance will give alternatives with more reasonable rates — and a guarantee that they can maintain their coverage should they develop a costly illness that requires treatment after their plans’ expiration date.


Third, the administration’s embrace of state flexibility in Medicaid will transform that program. By approving work requirements and other innovative waivers requested by states, Team Trump is letting local officials move to get able-bodied adults off welfare and into work.

The changes will also help return the Medicaid program’s focus to the populations for which it was originally designed: those who are ill and too poor to afford care and to the disabled.

The Trump administration, just two years in, is just getting started on their campaign promise to Make America Great Again. This is one reason the election today is so important.

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