GOP Strategist Issues TERRIFYING Reminder Of What’s At Stake: ‘If You Were Outraged By Kavanaugh…’

“If you were outraged by the Kavanaugh confirmation process, what do you think is gonna happen when Congressman Adam Schiff is in charge of the House Intelligence Committee?”

These words by political analyst and Republican strategist John Thomas serve as a terrifying reminder as to what is really at stake on Election Day.

“There might very well be another Supreme Court pick in the next two years, we might have to go through this whole thing again,” Thomas said. “And, if Republicans are not in leadership it will be an absolute disaster. And this issue serves to remind those voters that they need to turn out and vote.”

Just imagine, if you will, how much differently the nightmarish confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh could have been with Democrats in charge.

If Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Diane Feinstein were to replace Chairman Chuck Grassley she would determine the hearing process, ask any question herself, cause indefinite delays, and they could allow the FBI to have, well, forever to conduct an investigation. She and her Democrat colleagues could have done anything and everything to obstruct, delay, and resist President Trump.

And that’s just one committee.

Imagine a world where…

…Ranking Member Patrick Leahy replaces Chairman Richard Shelby in the Senate Appropriations Committee…

…Ranking Member Ron Wyden replaces Chairman Orrin Hatch in the Senate Finance Committee…

…Ranking Member Bob Menendez replaces Chairman Bob Corker in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…

…Ranking Member Sherrod Brown replaces Chairman Mike Crapo in the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee…

And that’s just the Senate. Over in the House of Representatives, Ranking Member Maxine Waters could be put in charge of the House Financial Services Committee. Talk about scary.

If Democrats win, this could be a reality.

Political polls ahead of the 2018 congressional elections are showing a variety of results: Democrats may take one or both chambers, but there is still a chance Republicans could maintain majorities in both chambers.

So, how important is the election? Very.

Check this out, from FiveThirtyEight:

FiveThirtyEight currently projects that, while there is substantial uncertainty, the most likely outcome in Congress is a split decision, with the Democrats winning seats in the House but not in the Senate. So that raises a question: Just how valuable is a House seat relative to the Senate seat? There are 100 U.S. Senate seats which are held for 6-year terms and 435 House seats held for 2-year terms. That makes 4.35 representatives for every one senator, and senators’ terms are three times longer, yielding a rough estimate of 13.05 House seats per one Senate seat. As the Kavanaugh confirmation reminded us, the Senate also has constitutional responsibilities that the House does not, including the confirmation of judges and justices. So while many eyes will be on control of the House of Representatives, today’s long-term legacy may well come from a handful of seemingly tight Senate races in states Trump won two years ago.

And, also per FiveThirtyEight:

Not much has changed in our forecast since early October: Republicans are still favorites to keep control of the Senate, with a 5 in 6 (83 percent) shot.1What’s more, as we close in on Election Day, all signs point to the House and Senate moving in opposite directions this year. (As I’ve written before, this is weird but not unprecedented.) Republicans’ odds in the House are nearly the reverse of where they stand in the Senate: The GOP has a 1 in 8 (13 percent) chance of retaining a House majority.

This year, there are 35 Senate elections in just 33 states thanks to two special elections: one in Minnesota and one in Mississippi. Democrats are playing defense in most of these races — some on particularly hostile turf: In the 26 Democrat-held seats up for election, 10 are in states that President Trump won in 2016. Our forecast’s topline output is roughly a one-seat gain for the GOP, which would bump its numbers up to 52 and Democrats down to 48.2

This election could have major implications regarding the future direction of the country and how able President Trump will be to continue making America great.


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