Go Vote! Every Vote Matters. These 18 Competitive Elections Could Predict What’s In Store

Candidates across the country have argued their cases, they have presented values, and now they are looking for you to participate in a consequential election today.

So, what’s it going to be?

Republicans have championed the robust economy, they have passed tax cuts for nearly every taxpayer and promised continued cuts; they have increased funding for the military and promised to protect the Second Amendment amid Democrat calls for gun control; they have boasted historic unemployment levels and even obtained—for the first time in history—more job opportunities than the number of people looking for jobs.

Republicans also contributed some funding to the southern border wall, increased the number of border forces stationed at the border, reduced illegal immigration pouring into the country, and confirmed two Supreme Court Justices and a record number of appellate court judges.

Democrats, however, have vowed to repeal all that Republicans have done. Not one Democrat voted in favor of the largest tax cuts legislation in recent history and many of them campaign on reversing the tax cuts, passing gun control, impeaching President Trump, and a continued investigation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The values could not be further apart and now the power is placed in the hands of the voters to decide the direction of the country.

Every election is important and some monumental upsets have already occurred in special elections and primary elections across the country. But, as ABC News reports, there are 18 key elections which could “paint a picture of the nation and the storylines and trends emerging from coast to coast.”

Seven of the races include Senate races from Arizona, Indiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas.

Via ABC News:

Arizona —

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Martha McSally: Current congresswoman from Arizona’s 2nd district; former Air Force fighter pilot | Age: 52 (Mar. 22, 1966)

Democratic candidate

  • Rep. Kyrsten Sinema: Current congresswoman from Arizona’s 9th district | Age: 42 (July 12, 1976)

Indiana —

Republican candidate

  • Mike Braun: Business owner | Age: N/A

Democratic candidate

  • Sen. Joe Donnelly: Incumbent U.S. senator | Age: 62 (Sept. 29, 1955)

Mississippi —

Republican candidates

  • Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith: Current U.S. senator, former Mississippi Agricultural Secretary, former Mississippi state senator, beef-cattle farmer | Age 58 (May 10, 1959)
  • Chris McDaniel: Mississippi state senator, lawyer, 2014 U.S. Senate GOP Candidate | Age 46 (Feb. 28, 1971)

Democratic candidate

  • Mike Espy : Former U.S. representative, former U.S. Agricultural Secretary, lawyer | Age 64 (Nov. 30, 1953)

Nevada —

Republican candidate

  • Sen. Dean Heller: Incumbent U.S. senator, appointed to the Senate by Sandoval in 2011, elected in 2012 | Age: 58

Democratic candidate

  • Rep. Jacky Rosen: Currently represents Nevada’s 3rd District in the House of Representatives | Age: 60

North Dakota —

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Kevin Cramer: Representative from North Dakota’s At-Large Congressional District (2013 to present) | Age: 57 (Jan. 21, 1961)

Democratic candidate

  • Sen. Heidi Heitkamp: Currently representing North Dakota in the U.S. Senate | Age: 62 (Oct. 30, 1955)

Tennessee —

Republican candidates

  • Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Currently representing Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District | Age: 65 (June 6, 1952)

Democratic Candidates

  • Phil Bredesen: Former mayor of Nashville (1991 to 1999), former governor of Tennessee (2003 to 2011), swept every county in the state in his 2006 re-election bid | Age: 74 (Nov. 21, 1943)

Texas —

Republican candidates

  • Sen. Ted Cruz: Currently representing Texas in the U.S. Senate; former Texas solicitor general | Age: 47 (Dec. 22, 1970)

Democratic Candidates

  • Rep. Beto O’Rourke: Currently representing Texas’ 16th congressional district in the U.S. House | Age: 45 (Sept. 26, 1972)

The results from eleven House races across the country also could help predict the ultimate outcome of the election and whether Republicans maintain their majorities in both congressional chambers, or if Democrats will win one or both.

The 48th District of California (CA-48)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Incumbent U.S. representative | Age: 71 (June 21, 1947)

Democratic candidate

  • Harley Rouda: Businessman

The First District of Iowa (IA-01)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Rod Blum: Two-term congressman, member of the House Freedom Caucus. Serves on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House Small Business Committee, and as chairman of the subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade. | Age: 63 (April 26, 1955)

Democratic candidate

  • State Rep. Abby Finkenauer: Two-term state representative, served as the State of Iowa’s Volunteers Coordinator for Biden’s presidential campaign in 2008 | Age: 29 (December 27, 1988)

The Sixth District of Kentucky (KY-06)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Andy Barr: Incumbent U.S. representative | Age: 45

Democratic candidate

  • Amy McGrath: Former Marine fighter pilot | Age: 42

The First District of New Hampshire (NH-01)

Republican candidate

  • Eddie Edwards: Retired chief of police for South Hampton, Navy veteran, served as chief of New Hampshire State Division of Liquor Enforcement | Age: 49

Democratic candidates

  • Chris Pappas: Member of the New Hampshire Executive Council | Age: 38

The 11th District of New Jersey (NJ-11)

Republican candidate

  • Jay Webber: New Jersey state assemblyman and attorney | Age: 46

Democratic candidate

  • Mikie Sherrill: Former federal prosecutor and helicopter pilot for the U.S. Navy | Age: 46

The 17th District of Pennsylvania (PA-17)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Keith Rothfus: Three-term congressman currently representing Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district | Age: 56 (April 25, 1962)

Democratic candidate

  • Rep. Conor Lamb: First-term congressman currently representing Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district | Age: 34 (June 27, 1984)

The Seventh District of Texas (TX-07)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. John Culberson: Incumbent U.S. representative since 2001 | Age: 61 (Aug. 24, 1956)

Democratic candidate

  • Lizzie Pannill Fletcher: Attorney | Age: 43 (Feb. 13, 1975)

The Tenth District of Virginia (VA-10)

Republican candidate

  • Rep. Barbara Comstock: Incumbent U.S. representative, former Virginia House of Delegates member | Age: 59 (Jun. 30, 1959)

Democratic candidate

  • Jennifer Wexton: Virginia state Senator | Age: 50 (May. 27, 1968)

The Third District of West Virginia (WV-03)

Republican candidate

  • Carol Miller: Member of the West Virginia House of Delegates | Age: 67 (Nov. 4, 1950)

Democratic candidate

  • Richard Ojeda: West Virginia state senator | Age: 47 (Oct. 25, 1970)

Two critical gubernatorial elections are taking place in Georgia and Florida with the following candidates:

Georgia Republican candidate

  • Brian Kemp: Georgia secretary of state | Age: 55 (Nov. 2, 1963)

Georgia Democratic candidate

  • Stacey Abrams: Former minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives | Age: 44 (Dec. 9, 1973)

Florida Republican candidate

  • Ron DeSantis: Current U.S. representative for Florida’s 6th congressional district | Age: 39 (Sept. 14, 1978)

Florida Democratic candidate

  • Andrew Gillum: Mayor of Tallahassee | Age: 39 (July 26, 1979)

For more information concerning the individual candidates, click here.

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