‘Beginning Of The End’: 1 Video Shows How Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Plagued Mainstream Media

In the Trump-era, some mainstream media outlets have shifted away from objective journalism and instead function as an extension of the Democrat Party by pushing anti-Trump propaganda. While some outlets still maintain occupational integrity, some others repeat Leftist lines like “the walls are closing in on the Trump administration” and “this is the beginning of the end for Trump.”

A video making its rounds on social media highlights exactly how Trump Derangement Syndrome has changed mainstream media into what could be described as a propaganda machine.

Throughout the video, media hosts across several major networks talk about “bombshell reports” that spell doom for Trump. But, month-after-month, Trump continues to make America great again while these reporters can only sit on the sidelines unable to slow him down.


Here’s another video which similarly shows the derangement:

It’s safe to say the nightmare Democrats, liberals, and some members of the mainstream media have come true: Trump is making America great again.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, consumer confidence is the highest it has been in 18 years:

A measure of U.S. consumer confidence rose in October to an almost two-decade high, as Americans expected economic and jobs growth to power ahead despite recent stock-market volatility.

The Conference Board on Tuesday said its index of U.S. consumer confidence rose to 137.9 in October, the highest level since September 2000.

Market Watch reports that in September unemployment in the United States fell to its lowest level since 1969 — nearly 50 years! And, this figure is comparable across all minority groups in the country:

A look at the unemployment rates of various groups of Americans underscores the progress. Check them out:

Men 20 and over: 3.4%. Lowest level since 2000.

Women 20 and over: 3.3%. Matches a post-1960 low set in 2000.

Asian-Americans: 3.5%. The record low is 2.1% in May 2018.

Blacks: 6%. Second lowest rate in available data going back to 1972. The record is 5.9% in May.

Hispanic-Americans: 4.5%. Matches an all-time low.

Whites: 3.3%. Lowest since 1969.

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Less than high school degree, 25 years and older: 5.5%. Record low is 5.1% in July.

High school degree: 3.7%. Lowest since 2000.

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 2%. Lowest since 2006-2007.

Foreign born: 3%. Matches lowest level since government began keeping track in 2007.

Native born: 3.7%. Matches lowest level since government began keeping track in 2007.

Veterans: 3.4%. Record low is 2.3% in 2000.

Market Watch also reports “Black unemployment falls to second-lowest on record”:

The black unemployment rate fell in August to the second-lowest on record as the labor market continues to show signs of tightening.

In August, the black unemployment rate fell to 6.3%, continuing the rapid descent from the 16.8% peak shortly after the recession, and the lowest ever after the 5.9% rate in May.

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