Cabinet Shake Up Reportedly Coming After Midterms, Here’s Who Might Be Leaving

Throughout President Trump’s presidential campaign, he repeatedly said he would hire the best possible person for a position within his administration, whether that be a cabinet position, justices on the country’s highest court, or within his press and legal teams.

Politico reports there could be a sizeable shakeup coming in Trump’s cabinet as several individuals are willfully heading for the door as others could be fired.

According to the report, the sizeable shakeup could include up to six individuals: United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley (who has already verbalized her intention to leave), Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Per the report:

President Donald Trump could see up to six Cabinet officials depart in the weeks after next month’s midterm elections, according to interviews with a half-dozen current and former Trump officials and Republicans close to the White House.

Trump has made clear over the first two years of his administration that the best person for the job could change as the situation changes and there are new requirements for the role.

According to the Politico report, Trump—within his early presidency—has either fired and replaced, or accepted the resignation of a Secretary of State, a White House Chief of Staff,  a secretary of Health and Human Services, a secretary of Veterans Affairs, and nearly his entire press office; resulting in a rather large turnover rate. He also had internal changes of a CIA Director and a Department of Homeland Security Secretary.

The Brooking Insitute has more:

As for turnover across all tiered positions, the most staff disruption occurred in four offices: the Office of the Chief of Staff, the Office of Communications, the Press Office, and the National Security Council. The departure of the two most senior positions within the chief of staff’s office (the chief and deputy chief of staff) likely resulted in a wholesale restructuring once John Kelly arrived on the job.

The reasons for staff turnover are many (i.e., firings, exhaustion, burnout, the need to move back home if one was commuting, the desire to earn a larger paycheck) and, of course, some turnover may not be all bad. From the president’s perspective, making staff changes contributes to a public perception that he is trying to improve operations. The arrival of new talent may also provide remaining staff with a sense of hope.

Several of the cabinet members potentially leaving could be willfully walking to the door. According to the Politico report, Haley, Mattis, and Zinke might voluntarily be heading out as the U.N. Ambassador is looking to retire from public office, the Defense Secretary may be retiring out of job fatigue, and the Interior Secretary could be looking for a new post within the administration.

Trump may be looking to replace Sessions, Ross, and even Nielsen amid growing tensions.

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