Sports Betting Site Makes Midterms Prediction That Conservatives Are LOVING

Since losing the 2016 presidential election, liberals have been touting, and at times taunting, that they would muster regret from the loss and channeling it into winning big during the 2018 congressional elections.

The elections would serve as a referendum vote on President Trump, they argued.

But, Democrats hoping for a “blue wave” in November will not be happy to hear that a sports betting website says Republicans are now favored to keep a majority in both legislative chambers of Congress: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Check it out, via the Washington Examiner:

According to oddsmakers at MyBookie, one would have to bet $140 to win $100 if Republicans kept a majority in the House. But for Democrats, one would need to bet $100 to win $100 if Democrats gained a majority.

For Democrats to win the majority in the House, they would need to win at least 23 seats held by Republicans. A total of 218 seats are needed by one party to obtain a majority.

Additionally, the oddsmakers at MyBookie predict that Republicans will gain a few more seats in the Senate, including those in North Dakota, Missouri, and Florida.

In recent weeks, President Trump has increased his own campaign efforts by signaling support for candidates over social media.

On Saturday morning, Trump called North Carolina Congressman Ted Budd and North Carolina congressional candidate Mark Harris “two great patriots.”

The president expressed support for Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally:

And, for Minnesota Representative Mary Franson who is running for re-election at the state level:

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