Prank Assault Of MAGA Hat Wearing Customer Shows Unfortunate Reality Of Political Culture

The unfortunate reality is that in this day and age, conservatives are often victimized for simply supporting the president.

A video that was recorded as a prank of an altercation between two men at a Starbucks highlights that political outrage has indeed infected the culture. While the altercation was not real, it did offer some real implications for the political culture.

In the video posted to social media by prankster “Funny Marco,” a Trump-supporting man was patiently waiting for his order, speaking on the phone, and minding his own business when a random person begins shouting him down over the contents of his hat — a Make America Great Again hat.

The man, who is dressed in NFL gear supporting Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, is asking the Trump supporter why he would wear the hat, what Trump has done to help America, and told him to take his hat off.

The Trump supporter repeatedly shrugs off the questioning, defends his right to wear a hat and said Trump has done lots of things to help the country.

After the Trump supporter says he would not remove his hat, the Chiefs fan forcibly removes it and throws it on the ground. The prank video ends, but people can only imagine what would have happened next, should it have been a real altercation.

Trump supporter and political commentator Kaya Jones posted the video on social media and said, “This is wrong!”

And, “When has wearing a hat offended so many people? Wear your hat the country is behind you. Can someone find out who this attacker is? please!”

It appears she did not realize the video was a prank, but to her defense, these situations do happen to Trump supporters. So, as a person online commented, this situation—real or not—is the reality many Trump supporters face.

Watch the video below:

Two important things can be noted about the video: (1) Unless everyone in the Starbucks was in on it or was notified ahead of it, it shows the complacency many people exhibit when there is blatant harassment; and, (2) the fact many people thought the video was real shows just how common and believable a situation like this is.

Via Twitchy:

There’s a video going viral that shows a black Trump supporter in an altercation with a white guy at a restaurant, but it’s probably a hoax. Or at the very least, a prank, as it’s from a known Internet video prankster

Some people online quickly criticized the bully, not realizing the video is staged:

The video undoubtedly received thousands, if not millions of views, probably due to how real the altercation could be. As one user commented, the situation is a fake representation of real situations many other Trump supporters actually face.

An identical altercation occurred just six months ago in California and the assailant, a University of California student, was potentially facing jail time for her actions. From Fox News:

A college student in California who says he was assaulted by a classmate for wearing a ‘MAGA’ hat on campus said he plans to file criminal charges against his attacker.

Matthew Vitale, a member of the University of California, Riverside Republicans, said he was “stunned” when classmate Edith Macias snatched his “Make America Great Again” hat from his head during a campus meeting.

Vitale alerted authorities after the incident but declined to press charges because campus police told him it would only be a misdemeanor. But then Macias posted a bizarre, profanity-laced “SnatchAHat” video online, which eventually went viral, that showed her physically removing the hat from his head – and then verbally attacking him for promoting “genocide.” By showing that she took it off his person, the crime rose to the level of felony, Vitale said campus police told him.

As the Daily Caller previously reported, the assailant plead guilty but did not have to serve jail time:

A former California student who pleaded guilty to stealing another student’s Make America Great Again hat will not spend any time in jail, according to a Monday district attorney statement.

Now-graduated University of California, Riverside student Edith Macias faced a misdemeanor grand theft charge for the September 2017 incident in which she stole fellow student Matthew Vitale’s MAGA hat, reported The College Fix. She will not, however, go to jail for the crime, so long as she finishes a court-determined program.

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