Scalise Offers STRONG Rebuke Of Violence, Says It Has No Place In Politics

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise knows a thing or two about political violence as he was a victim of it and nearly lost his life last year when an assailant shot him during a practice session for the congressional baseball game.

Given his history, Scalise offers a unique perspective into today’s political climate, especially with identical bomb scares happening across the country. In an op-ed with Fox News, Scalise said Americans have historically been able to set aside their differences when it matters most and should aim to do so again—soon.

“Evil acts have come to dominate our headlines recently – the latest example being the attempted bombing attacks reported Wednesday against President and Mrs. Obama, President and Secretary Clinton, CNN and others,” he said in the op-ed. “Thankfully, no one was hurt. I have great confidence in the ability of our law enforcement officers to bring those responsible to justice.”

He continued: “In America, we pride ourselves on our love of country and our respect for one another. When it matters most, we’ve always been able to put aside our differences to defend our patriotic ideals and help our neighbors in need. Now we are at one of those rare inflection points when we need to inject that civic-minded spirit that unites us all.”

The Louisiana congressman went on to say that he prays no one experiences the suffering and pain that he has felt. He also said that violence has no place in politics.

“It is our national motto, e pluribus unum, the good will and kindness of the many coming together for one common cause that defines our nation, not the evil acts of a few,” Scalise continued.

“To repeat what I’ve been compelled to say far too often, violence and terror have no place in our politics or anywhere else in our society. Having experienced the effects of political violence firsthand, I am committed to speaking out against it every time it rears its ugly head.”

He concludes:

If we are to stem the tide of violence and violent rhetoric, then it is crucial we all do our part to break down the divisions in our country and reach out to those with different beliefs than our own.

America is better than these acts of threats, intimidation and violence against people based on their political beliefs. We are better than this, and we will move beyond this. But now is a time to confront these divisions and remember that what makes America great is that we celebrate our differences, and ultimately we settle them at the ballot box.


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