SCARY: Fox News Reporter Asked Honduran Migrant If Criminals Are In The Group, He Said ‘Everywhere’

Want to know if criminals are within the ranks of the migrant caravan traveling to the United States? Just ask them.

A Fox News reporter did just that and the answer the Honduran migrant gave him has some Americans shell-shocked.

“Criminals are everywhere,” the migrant told Fox News, as the Daily Wire reports. “It’s criminals in here. It is.”

The migrant went on to say there were some “good people” in the caravan, but did not deny that there were criminals as well.

“But it is not that many,” the migrant added. “It is good people here trying to get through Mexico and then get to the United States. It doesn’t mean that everybody is a criminal.”

The Department of Homeland Security recently confirmed reports that criminals or gang members have infiltrated the caravan and hoping to gain entry into the U.S.

[email protected] can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories,” said Department spokesperson Tyler Houlton.

In a pair of tweets posted on Tuesday afternoon, Houlton said the migrant group also includes people from countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and other places.

“Citizens of countries outside Central America, including countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere are currently traveling through Mexico toward the U.S.,” he added.

The new discovery undoubtedly does more to further the talking points of Republicans and Trump who say the caravan must be stopped at all costs.

And, “Stopping the caravan is not just about national security or preventing crime, it is also about national sovereignty and the rule of law. Those who seek to come to America must do so the right and legal way.”

As if the presence of criminals and gang members wasn’t enough, it is being reported that another migrant caravan has formed in Guatemala and is heading for the U.S.

Here’s more, from Fox News:

A second migrant caravan is forming at the Honduran border and is expected to follow the larger caravan of more than 7,000 from Central America towards the U.S.-Mexico border, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

The remaining migrants in the first group are about 1,100 miles from the border town of Reynosa, which is across from McAllen, Texas, the paper reported.

Guatemalan authorities on Sunday estimated the new group — which gathered in a Guatemalan city near the border of Honduras — to be at 1,000. But the group appears to be growing. The Journal, citing estimates from church-run charities and activists, reported that the group is now made up of about 2,500. By Monday evening the group had entered the eastern Guatemalan town of Chiquimula.

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