NEW Poll On Migrant Caravan Has Us Stunned — Here’s What People Are Saying

A looming migrant caravan carrying between 5,000 and 10,000 people is making its way north through Mexico and is expected to arrive in the United States by election day, just 13 days away.

As immigration has continued to play an instrumental role in politics and specifically President Trump’s administration, the caravan’s arrival so close to election day could have political implications.

So, what are people saying about it?

President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo say criminals exist within the ranks of the caravan and people from Africa, the Middle East, and other countries are also hitching a ride. They collectively say the caravan should be stopped at all costs.

This view was shared by 51 percent of people who participated in a new Rasmussen poll.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 38 percent of voters disagreed and said the migrants should be allowed into the country temporarily, while their immigration cases are under review. Eleven percent were undecided on the issue.

As the Western Journal reports, the poll offered a stunning correlation between the view of the president and the view of the caravan: those who supported the president, disapproved of the caravan’s arrival by an overwhelming 93 percent of the vote.

Conversely, a whopping 69 percent of people who oppose President Trump welcome the caravan’s arrival.

The support for this migrant caravan flies in the face of a new Department of Homeland Security report which confirmed criminal people are traveling within the caravan.

The DHS recently said the caravan includes people with “significant criminal histories” and potentially gang members.

In a Washington Examiner op-ed, Republican Congressman Andy Biggs similarly showed that the caravan is already exhibiting violent behaviors and tendencies:

People fleeing violence rarely stop to grab a flag from their home country to display proudly as they slowly march to safety. The terrified typically plead for help rather than threaten those from whom they seek help. Those who have been victimized rarely attack potential benefactors. Supporters of people in distress wouldn’t typically paint a swastika on the flag of the nation they are beseeching, before burning that flag.

Yet we have seen all of this aberrant behavior in the army of illegal aliens attempting to breach the borders of several countries on their way to demanding entry into and care from the United States. Hostile members of this “caravan” proudly wave Honduran flags representing the country they are fleeing. They have threatened any, including government officials and police, who attempt to enforce immigration laws. Upon reaching the Mexican border, they attacked police and vandalized barriers at the crossing. Their supporters defaced the American flag with a swastika and then burned it.

Later in the op-ed, Biggs said Congress should appropriate funding for the border wall and remove incentives for people to come into the country illegally:

People respond to incentives and deterrents. As long as America provides incentives for people to enter and stay illegally in the country, we will see increasing numbers of illegal border crossings. We must remove incentives to come and stay illegally; and now, we must use the available mechanisms to deter this advancing invasion of illegal migrants who wish to compel us to receive them into America.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared more on the migrant caravan during a press conference on Tuesday:

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