Trump Floats Idea Of Nominating Hillary To Supreme Court, You’ll LOVE The Reason

President Trump is second to none when it comes to pestering and trolling his political rivals. He goes after them when they aren’t expecting it, says something no one could expect and uses the subsequent publicity for his own gain. It is a process he repeatedly used throughout his decades-long career in show business and television. And, he used the same strategy when he first entered politics, in a crowded 2016 presidential primary, to quickly knock out “GOP favorites.”

Repeating the strategy, Trump topped the list of 17 primary candidates and later bested Hillary Clinton.

Now, as president, Trump understands how mainstream media gravitates around what he says and continues to implement the same strategy to knock political counterparts.

The strategy was on full display during a campaign rally in Texas when Trump floated the idea of nominating Hillary Clinton to the United States Supreme Court.

No one could imagine he would say such a thing, but that’s all part of the strategy. And, here’s why, from BizPac Review:

President Donald Trump offered rally goers a perfect solution for finally getting an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s many scandals.

The president suggested he should nominate the failed 2016 Democratic candidate to the Supreme Court.

He says something no one expects, knocks a political opponent and garners more support for himself.

Time after time, Trump’s strategy continues to prove effective:

“If you want the fake news media to finally investigate, by the way, by the way …,” Trump began, pausing as the crowd chanted “CNN sucks.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t like them either. But look at this. Look. Just look. Here we are. We are doing a rally for Ted. It’s great. We have a lot of people. Look how many media — this is like the Academy Awards which actually has gone down the tubes. I think we do much better. Look how many. Look at them.”

“Do you recognize many of those happy faces back there? I know every one of them. I know every one of them, and 15 percent of them are great,” he said.

“But if you want the fake news to finally investigate Hillary Clinton, we will just have …” Trump continued. “So if you want them to investigate, we will just have to nominate Hillary Clinton to the United States Supreme Court. How do you like that idea?”

The audience responded to the cheeky idea with a resounding “boo.” The uproar only cements how effective the comment was, but Trump then further drove home the point by comparing the idea of her confirmation process to the one Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh just went through.

“Let’s see how she does. If Judge Kavanaugh had to go through what he went through—He is a fine man. Can you imagine Hillary up there? That would take three to four years of questions,” Trump continued.

The crowd laughed and people online similarly giggled at the comment.

Several people said they loved the imaginary idea, some others said something along the lines that “Hillary Clinton would pass on that particular nomination real quick!”


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