Comedian Cast Prediction For Migrant Caravan And It Is TRIGGERING Liberals

President Trump is doing everything he can to prevent a migrant caravan with more than 4,000 people from entering the United States and has threatened to utilize military force to deter its potential crossing into the country. While the caravan began in Honduras and is expected to be traveling to the U.S., it is a far way off and only just recently began to cross into Mexico, from Guatemala.

As the fate of the caravan is unknown, comedian Dennis Miller made a rather tongue-in-cheek prediction for it and said it could have election day implications.

“If the caravan makes it by November 6th they vote, right? #notsurehowthingsworkanymore” Miller tweeted.

The joke takes aim at various reports that people in the country illegally have voted in past elections, mostly in favor of Democrat candidates.

As Twitchy reports, the comment was jokingly received by many people online:

President Trump has also commented that the looming caravan could have some impact on the election, though he meant people’s varying views on immigration reform.

From the Hill:

Three-quarters of Republicans identified illegal immigration as a very big problem. Among Democrats, four issues were identified by as large a percentage of the base: health-care costs, gun violence, government ethics and income inequality.

This is part of the challenge of being a Republican these days, one of the key differences since 2016. Republicans have been unilaterally in charge for nearly two years. Were Trump to focus on health-care costs as a campaign issue, it raises a key question: What has he done about it? So Trump and his allies are focusing on things that are outside of their control. Democrats being obstructionists. Law and order. Immigrants headed to the border.


Here’s what Trump said in Montana about that caravan.

“A lot of money’s been passing to people to come up and try and get to the border by Election Day, because they think that’s a negative for us. Number one, they’re being stopped, and, number two, regardless, that’s our issue. …

“They wanted that caravan, and there are those that say that caravan didn’t just happen. It didn’t just happen. A lot of reasons that caravan — 4,000 people. But I just want to thank the Mexican government because they’re stopping it hopefully before it ever gets to Mexico.

“As you know, I’m willing to send the military to defend our southern border, if necessary. All because of the illegal immigration onslaught brought by the Democrats, because they refuse to acknowledge or to change the laws. They like it. They also figure everybody coming in is going to vote Democrat.

“You know. Hey, they’re not so stupid when you think about it, right? But they are crazy…”

Several of the people who responded to Miller’s tweet expressed outrage that he would joke about such a matter. Some others said he was dead wrong on the issue, not realizing it was a joke.

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