Stacey Dash: Who Are You Calling A Negro?

Kanye West decided to support our president and wear a Make America Great Again hat. He likes black people having more jobs and opportunities in a pro-business climate. He likes Trump’s prison reform movement. He thinks that the Democrats paying women to have kids and ditch their husbands was a bad thing when he was growing up.

In response, lifetime Democrat Party politician Bakari Sellers called Kanye an ignorant “negro” who “doesn’t read,” as if he’s somehow superior because he stares at books all day. Don Lemon giggled at this like he’s Sellers’ mean girl friend in middle school. They’re pathetic, weak-minded men who have no idea what they’re talking about.

Maybe Sellers’ hard life taught him about “the struggle”? Nope. Sellers is the son of a professor. He had two parents who were married. He went into politics at age 22. He’s been in politics ever since. He became an attorney. If he were white, he’d have “white privilege.” But he’s not, so he’s just privileged.

Does he think his expensive education and years spent bending over for the Democratic Party make him better than the “negroes” beneath him? Is he superior to the less-indoctrinated “negroes” who grew up in the rough part of Chicago, in a single-parent home, like Kanye did? Or in the South Bronx, like I did?

I bet Sellers has never seen a dead body in the street. I saw my first one at three years old. I saw pimps, drug dealers, and street hustlers all day, every day. I saw things that I can’t forget, and couldn’t wait to escape to my grandparent’s house outside the city. Kanye grew up like that too. We’ve both seen how the Democrat Party doesn’t care about people with our own eyes.

Not Sellers. He’s a chump. He’s the “house negro” that he loves to call other people. It’s all an act, based on stuff he “read” as an educated “negro” who knows better than everyone else. It’s based on the words of people like Michael Eric Dyson, a professional race baiter and “professor” whose entire privileged career is built upon carrying water for white Democrats.

Dyson doesn’t like Kanye, either. He claims that “white supremacists” are the “ventriloquists” moving Kanye’s mouth. From his fancy university office, it’s understandable that Dyson’s own eyes don’t see the great things happening for black people right now. He already had a job as a race hustler, so he didn’t need one. The record low rates of black poverty and unemployment under Trump aren’t good things to him–they’re a threat to his career. Trump loses money helping people in crisis, while guys like Dyson do better when things are bad. He’s a fraud.

I didn’t know I was a “black white supremacist” until Chelsea Handler called me one for leaving the Democratic Party plantation. White liberals like her, along with token blacks like Sellers and Dyson, have long accused me of being in a “sunken place” because I refused to endorse the presidential candidate who called them “super predators” in the 1990s.

After I became a Republican, I was blacklisted in Hollywood, smeared by the media, and treated as a “race traitor” by people who don’t seem to care about anyone except themselves and their entitled friends. If being a “ventriloquist” for the white supremacy ruins your career and gets you screamed out of restaurants, but being a race baiter gets you positions and praise, why would anyone walk away? It makes no sense.

These so-called race leaders owe their livelihoods to white liberals in the Democratic Party, so they can’t “break the tea cup” without losing everything. Imagine Sellers or Dyson had a problem with Planned Parenthood locating its abortion clinics in black communities, which they do as a practice. Even though that looks extremely racist, if those two shuckers and jivers dared to say something about it they’d be tarred, feathered, and run out of town. Privilege erased. Game over. They’d be finished in the Democratic Party. They have to agree with everything or they lose everything.

So they don’t say anything that goes against their white Democrat masters. They’re black, but they’re also “well read” on the virtues of abortion, man-hating versions of feminism, and the “intersectional” complexities of all 57 genders. It’s a package deal. Then they get their 30 pieces of silver for keeping the uppity blacks in line and praising Taylor Swift.

While people like them keep twisting their minds in knots and pretending nothing is wrong with all of the lies and idolatry, people living in the real world understand that God created us and that our character defines us. We’re works in progress, not labels.


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