The 8 Craziest Kavanaugh Protest Moments

Nothing brings out the worst in Democrats like democracy does, and this week was no exception. Here are some of the best of the worst moments in Kavanaugh protest history.

Dog Training or Day Laborers?

If these “politically aware” protesters aren’t day really laborers, then why do they need to repeat simple instructions back to their boss? They sound like they’re in obedience training:

You get what you pay for, George Soros. This “protest leader” didn’t even know that the Senator he’s protesting was already voting against Kavanaugh (see you in November, Sen. Heitkamp!):

Lindsey Graham 2.0

Senator Lindsey Graham wrecks a woman who is demanding that Kavanaugh take a polygraph, “Why don’t we dunk him in water and see if he floats?”:

Graham tells a screaming protester to “please move to South Carolina” as he smiles, adjusts his tie, and slides into his Range Rover:

The same woman, after getting “woke” to the fact that unhinged yelling and screaming isn’t Democracy, realizing that she isn’t convincing anyone:

Interpretive Dance Assault

Interpretive dance never looked so lame. These two jumped around like lunatics in a bizarre intimidation dance, barely restraining themselves from ripping up a 71-year-old Trump supporter’s signs:

Bashing the Blue

Would any protest be complete without the Democrats threatening the police who protect us from them? This gentleman told the Capitol Police that he’d like to bring back a weapon to assault them. What about peace and love?

Heading Home

Now that Kavanaugh is confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court, and their hysterics didn’t work, these protesters are getting a well-deserved night in jail:

Thank God for President Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

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