Stacey Dash: “I’m Pro Choice: I Choose To Believe Kavanaugh”

I broke down crying watching Brett Kavanaugh tear up and angrily deny the 36-year-old sexual abuse accusations against him at his confirmation hearing.

But I completely lost it when he mentioned how his ten-year-old daughter prayed for his accuser:

As a sexual abuse survivor, I’m finding it very hard to forgive what this woman, the Democrats, and the mainstream media are doing to Kavanaugh’s wife and children. It’s a scar that will never heal. Only Christ can turn it for good.

False accusations of sexual assault can destroy lives and cheapen the claims of real victims. Kavanaugh will forever be marked as a “rapist” in the minds of millions of dim-witted Americans, who were manipulated by the media and the Democratic Party into that belief.

They finally got the FBI investigation they whined about for hours at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, thinking it would never happen. But President Trump called their bluff.
The Democrats don’t want to know if Kavanaugh is truly guilty. This new standard they’re setting up, that all women tell the truth and all men are liars, is extraordinarily dangerous. Mark my words, these are the first steps toward something far more nefarious.

Christine Blasey Ford is bearing false witness against Kavanaugh. She can’t remember how she got to the party or how she got back, which required traveling over six miles each way. She doesn’t know when or where the party was held. The witnesses she named don’t remember any party taking place, including one of her lifelong friends, who Blasey-Ford says has unnamed “health problems” that explain why she doesn’t remember. She says she saw Mark Judge later on, at a Safeway, but conveniently walked in separately from her mother, who “embarrassed” her, so there were no other witnesses to Judge’s reaction to her.

Every time anything happened to Kavanaugh’s accuser, the witnesses either denied it happened or she was the only witness. Maybe the FBI can find out more about her inconsistent fear of airplanes, her GoFundMe accounts, and any coaching provided by her Democrat-connected lawyers. Something doesn’t add up.

The Democrats and their media allies ignored the many problems with these allegations and immediately declared Kavanaugh’s guilt. In the process, they didn’t attack just Kavanaugh, they viciously attacked the women who support him–showing once again that they’re the real abusers of women.

They attacked Kavanaugh’s wife and two daughters, who received death threats because the media and Democrats publicly declared Kavanaugh guilty of groping and even gang rapes—without any corroborating witnesses or evidence.

They attacked Christine Blasey Ford by publicly releasing her name and identifying her as an alleged sexual assault victim. She specifically asked Sen. Feinstein for confidentiality in her letter, which was ignored. Then the media violated journalistic norms against naming sexual assault victims by publishing her name. How is this consistent with standing up for “women’s rights”?

They attacked Zina Bash, Kavanaugh’s former law clerk, who they labeled as a white supremacist Nazi for using the “okay” sign, without first checking to see if her grandparents were Jewish holocaust survivors, which they were. Oops!

They attacked 65 women who wrote a joint letter saying Kavanaugh is kind and decent to women. The mainstream media hacks claimed these women were all scripted liars who didn’t have any independent opinions about a man they know. Then they put up manufactured stories about petitions and walkouts involving people who have never even met Kavanaugh. These people believe Kavanaugh is guilty because the media told them so, and that’s all it takes to recycle their opinions into petitions and walkouts, which serve as a popularity contest for determining guilt. Is this the start of the Salem Warlock Trials?

They let Cory Booker sit comfortably on the Senate Judiciary Committee that questions Kavanaugh, even though Booker admitted to groping a girl in high school. Isn’t that the reason we’re supposed to condemn Kavanaugh? Why is Booker in the Senate at all?

They don’t care about Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims–including Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey—or that his wife Hillary publicly threatened these survivors of sexual assault. The media occasionally write that Bill needs to “atone” or “reconcile” his rapes with “the #MeToo era,” but never that he and his enabler wife shouldn’t be in government anymore. Why do they get a pass?

Women with functioning brains don’t “do as we’re told” and blindly believe allegations that are based on manufactured popularity contests, hypnotic repetition of buzzwords, and social shaming of “incorrect” opinions.

Nothing could be more absurd than expecting a woman to believe a suspicious story–with no corroborating evidence–just because the person telling the story is a woman. That’s ignorant. Who believes this stuff?

The Democrats think that a “woman’s place” is to “shut up” and believe whatever their phony feminists and groper men tell us to think—or else they’ll scream uncontrollably and “get in our faces” at restaurants.

Smart women see that it’s the Democrats who are abusing us and trying to control us. The Democrats tell us what to think and who to believe, then shame us if we don’t agree.

But we see through the insanity and hypocrisy. Eventually, every intelligent woman will be so disgusted with the lies that she will #WalkAway. It’s only a matter of time.

I choose who and what to believe.

And I believe Brett Kavanaugh.

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