Stacey Dash: Confirm Kavanaugh, Convict the Democrats

Screaming, yelling, gross displays of menstrual blood, nearly 100 arrests, silent protests of “the patriarchy” with weird clothes from a TV show, calling a Mexican woman with Jewish grandparents who survived the Holocaust a “white supremacist” for using the “okay” sign, calling not shaking a stranger’s hand at a violent hearing “disrespectful” of Parkland shooting victims, and the return of Spartacus to violate Senate rules (but, as it turns out, not really violate those rules).

No mention of sexual harassment the entire time.

Hearings close in mid-September, then several days pass, then an accuser emerges who Sen. Dianne Feinstein knew about in July, but chose not to bring up because she wanted to focus on Kavanaugh’s “legal positions” instead of his “personal” issues.

Wait, what?

After a 2016 presidential election that was practically nothing but personal accusations against President Trump, and a post-election period filled with impeachment fever and Russia conspiracy theories to explain Hillary not visiting Wisconsin, the Democrats have “evolved” and now claim they want to focus on the “legal positions” of Supreme Court Justices?

Give me a break.

This is the same party that made Anita Hill the centerpiece of Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing. He called the Senate’s outrageous conduct a “high tech lynching.” Hill’s accusations were dismissed and Thomas was confirmed by the Senate in 1991, after brutally owning Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Feinstein arrived in the Senate the following year. She saw how the Thomas hearing backfired, which might be why she didn’t bring up an even flimsier accusation against Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing (or in the personal visit she had with him). She probably didn’t believe it would work, but when confirmation seemed inevitable, it was time to try everything in the playbook.

Kavanaugh is replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy, and could be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. The stakes couldn’t be higher for the Democrats, who need votes from radical feminists who call abortion “health care” and believe it’s the great emancipator of women from “the patriarchy.” Never mind the side effects, such as sterility, declining birth rates, and post-op depression. Never mind that modern medical imaging didn’t exist when Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, and that it can show things like a beating heart in a “clump of cells” now. The only thing that matters is winning.

The woman Sen. Feinstein ignored for 2 months, Christine Blasey Ford, is a Democrat professor from liberal California. She went to the Women’s March, where she wore a modified “pussy hat” to protest our President’s position on “science.” She’s a donor to Democrat campaigns. She’s almost certainly a supporter of Roe v. Wade, and there is little doubt she would oppose both President Trump and Kavanaugh on political grounds.

Her accusation is 36 years old. She’s not sure when or where it happened, just that she was groped at a party attended by her and four other people–a female friend and three boys. The four witnesses she named to Sen. Feinstein–who apparently didn’t contact any of them–all deny hearing or seeing anything, and they don’t even remember the party. Another witness from Ford’s high school, who claimed it was the “talk of the school,” later said she can’t be sure it was ever mentioned.

Now there’s another accuser, Deborah Ramirez, who told the New Yorker she was “she was on the floor, foggy and slurring her words” when Kavanaugh thrust his penis in her face. Identifying Kavanaugh 35 years later took “six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney.” The New Yorker didn’t even bother finding any of the witnesses. Why ruin a good story?

Two accusations from 30-plus years ago, with zero witnesses to either one, doesn’t make these accusations sound any truer. There is no strength in these numbers.

Since these incidents allegedly occurred, Kavanaugh has gone to Yale Law School, gotten married, started a family with two children, worked at the White House, and been nominated and confirmed to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, where he has worked for the last 12 years.

No mention of sexual harassment of any kind in 36 years, but now we’re supposed to believe he’s a sexual predator like Bill Clinton? And that it’s just coincidence that none of these accusations were made before he got a “promotion” to the Supreme Court?

Unfortunately, the “court of public opinion” doesn’t require evidence as proof–only the popular belief that it’s convenient to convict. It’s trendy to wear black and loudly proclaim support for Kavanaugh’s accusers, despite the suspicious timing of the accusations and complete lack of evidence supporting them. The “evidence” part is simply replaced with a lot of repetition about “believing” everything they hear, based on what they want to hear. It’s politics, not persuasion.

These accusations are so suspicious and unproven that Republican voters, as well as many reasonable Democrats, will completely reject them. They reveal the Democrats for what they really are even better than anything else could, and they’re doing this in the era of social media.

If our Senators hold the line, Kavanaugh will get confirmed.

And the Red Wave will get 10 feet taller.

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