Guilty Until Proven Innocent? Democrat Fundraising Off Kavanaugh Controversy

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono has begun to fundraise off of the politicization that surrounds the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

After answering thousands of questions and sitting through hundreds of hours of hearings—both public and private—Kavanaugh seemed all but a shoo-in to be confirmed to the lifetime post.

Then, just days ahead of a preliminary vote to be held by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a sexual assault allegation against the nominee from a California professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Hirono argues in the fundraiser that Kavanaugh “knows he is guilty” and that is the reason he is not echoing calls for an FBI investigation.

From the Washington Examiner:

Hirono has won acclaim from liberals for her forceful assault on Kavanaugh, Republican senators, and her support for accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

A Thursday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is set for both Ford and Kavanaugh to speak publicly about her charges that he assaulted her while the two were teens at a boozy party in Washington’s suburbs. He has forcefully and repeatedly denied her charges and those she identified at the alleged party deny her story.

In the fundraising memo, the Hawaiian Democrat called Kavanaugh an “alleged sexual predator” and said what was happening to Ford was “disgusting and unacceptable.”

She also repeatedly expressed that she is “angry…”:

  • “…at the way Senate Republicans and Donald Trump’s administration are treating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford”
  • “…Trump and his cronies will do absolutely anything to take over the Court”
  • “…that the very same senators who smeared and humiliated Anita Hill 27 years ago are trying to get away with it again”
  • “…Dr. Blasey Ford is being forced to endure this patently unfair process”

Here’s more from her fundraiser, per Washington Examiner:

Let’s be clear: Trump and his Republican allies have no interest in finding the truth.

They have no interest in hearing from Dr. Blasey Ford, or from any witness that would corroborate her story. They have no interest in conducting a fair investigation. Anything that gets in the way of fast-tracking Kavanaugh’s ascent to the Court is unacceptable for them.

That’s because they know that when Kavanaugh is on the Court, he will defend Trump from any civil or criminal case brought against him. And making sure that Trump is protected before Democrats take back Congress is more important to them than anything else.

That’s why they have been making it so hard for Dr. Blasey Ford to participate in additional hearings, even though she has already gone above and beyond what any person should be forced to do.

My question is: What are they trying to hide? What are they so afraid of? If Kavanaugh is innocent, why isn’t he calling for a full investigation to prove it unequivocally?

She continued: “I worry that the answer is that he knows he is guilty. And if that’s the case, we absolutely must do everything we can to stop him.”

And, “Yes, I’m ready to help make sure that Republicans shut up, step up, and do the right thing—or pay for it by losing extra seats in this fall’s election.”

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