Report: Media STILL Does Not Care About The Chinese Spy Who Worked In Feinstein’s Office

Americans have heard it echoed since before the 2016 presidential election that foreign adversaries were trying to penetrate the election systems of the United States.

Certainly, there is evidence that Russians interfered or otherwise were involved with the electoral integrity of 2016. While the intelligence community says Russia did not change voter tallies, an illegal entry was made.

Sound the alarms.

Seemingly endless accusations have been made by Democrats that Russia sought to upend Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House, the country wanted Trump to win, and they wanted to promote their own interests in the U.S. by infiltrating the government.

Scary, even conspiratorial-type stuff and everyone should be concerned. Right?

It seems not because liberals are still mum on the story concerning an alleged Chinese spy in Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office.

According to the Daily Caller, the staffer was an Office Director (formerly believed to be a driver) and worked in Feinstein’s San Francisco office for 20 years. He also served as a staff liaison to the Asian-American community.

The alleged spy, Russell Lowe – a name which has dodged mainstream media attention – has been accused of relaying information to Chinese intelligence services while working for Feinstein.

Check it out, per the Federalist:

The reporting also universally ignored, and thus concealed, the critical context that with even the smallest modicum of curiosity an observer would have unearthed regarding the fact that the alleged Chinese spy in her office was part of a much broader Feinstein-China mosaic.

Namely, reporters omitted that:

  • Feinstein had cultivated a deep, longstanding, chummy relationship with China, including at the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), over a 40-year period. Or, perhaps, it was the other way around. Such ties dated back at least to the opening of a sister-city relationship between San Francisco and Shanghai, when then-Mayor Feinstein commenced a long friendship with her counterpart Mayor Jiang Zemin. Zemin would later rise to be the Xi Jinping of his day, sitting atop the CCP, and reportedly wining and dining Feinstein and her husband in unprecedented fashion at the residence of Mao Zedong. Zemin rose in tandem with Feinstein, who as U.S. senator would serve as a conduit to his government during the Clinton White House. The two remained close in spite of Zemin’s Marxist ideology and brutality in persecuting the dissident Falun Gong, among others.
  • Feinstein doggedly lobbied for integrating China into the global economic architecture and normalizing trade relations with the U.S., untethering these benefits from Chinese human rights improvements. Feinstein thereby served as an invaluable asset in enabling China’s economic rise. The senator also frequently served as a dovish liaison to the Chinese government over contentious matters of foreign affairs. She took these positions all while repeatedly whitewashing China’s aforementioned human rights abuses, and seeking to draw shameful moral equivalency between Communist bloodshed and violent episodes in American history.
  • Feinstein’s husband, investor Richard Blum, who, a la the Mao Zedong residence meal, frequently accompanied the senator to functions with high-ranking Chinese dignitaries, profited from both direct investments in China and those that appreciated alongside the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. China’s economic growth, and Blum’s profits, were both tied to America’s efforts to incorporate Beijing into the world trading system, and grant it access to U.S. consumers, businesses and technology — all staunchly supported by Feinstein.

Liberals are abuzz when it is suspected foreign agents help or infiltrate their opponents, but it seems they are mum when it benefits them. Needless to say, they probably won’t be talking much about Fusion GPS and Bruce and Nellie Ohr any time soon either.

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