CLUELESS Liberal Pundit Can’t Believe Why Republicans Are Talking About ‘Some Girl In Iowa’

The tragic loss of 20-year-old Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts shocked and saddened the nation, but some liberals seem to not understand why conservatives and others are still speaking about it.

A person who was in the country illegally took a precious life, ruined a family, wrecked a community, and brought a nation to mourning. But, liberal pundit and political science professor Dr. Christina Greer doesn’t understand why Fox News and its viewers are “talking about a girl in Iowa.”

The professor instead inferred more people should be talking about the guilty verdicts of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort and what they could mean for President Trump.

“I dont’ think that today changes much, unfortunately,” Greer said about the guilty pleas. “I am sure we will hear more about what he has to say at his rally but Fox News is talking about – you know – some girl in Iowa and not this.”

Greer diminishing the importance of Tibbett’s loss is an insult to her family and supporters across the nation and stands opposed to those who fight tirelessly to enforce immigration laws to avoid situations like this.

Per Twitchy:

Yes, WE GET that the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen stories are big news and could potentially damage the GOP and the Trump presidency itself. WE’RE NOT discounting that.

But here’s  political science professor Dr. Christina Greer totally dismissing Fox News’ coverage of murdered Iowa college student Mollie Tibbets, who to her is just “a girl in Iowa,” instead of the Trump news.

Here’s Greer:

The story of Tibbetts and others like her are injustices that tear into the very fabric which holds America. Many people online said Greer and others who do not understand this should get a clue:

“A college girl brutally killed by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and your guest refers to her as ‘some girl in Iowa?'” one user asked. “You should have stopped her and apologized for her unsympathetic remark.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to have no end and, unfortunately, it is blinding people from valuing other issues.

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