GOP Walks Away With Much-Needed Wins In Ohio, And Other Special Elections

The Republican Party is walking out of Tuesday’s special congressional elections with a few more wins under their belts, scoring much-needed momentum ahead of a consequential congressional election in November.

Perhaps the most important race was the one which took place in Ohio, in a district Trump won in 2016. Ahead of the vote, the Republican candidate held a slim lead and as the results came in, it seemed the race was anything but certain.

Per Fox News:

Buoyed by a dramatic last-minute rally by President Trump, Republican State Senator Troy Balderson appeared to be inching closer to beating back a challenge by insurgent Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio’s special election for a vacant House seat Tuesday.

A victory in the race for the Ohio’s historically conservative 12th Congressional District would deny Democrats the major upset they had sought ahead of the November midterm elections. The winner takes the seat previously held by Republican Pat Tiberi, who resigned in January to take another job.

President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate Balderson on his narrow win in what he referred to as a “very special and important race.”

“When I decided to go to Ohio for Troy Balderson, he was down in early voting 64 to 36,” Trump tweeted. “That was not good. After my speech on Saturday night, there was a big turn for the better. Now Troy wins a great victory during a very tough time of the year for voting. He will win BIG in Nov.”

And, “Congratulations to Troy Balderson on a great win in Ohio. A very special and important race!”

The Daily Caller has more on the Ohio race:

Balderson, 56, who has been an Ohio state senator since 2011, beat 31-year-old Franklin County Recorder O’Connor.

O’Connor portrayed himself as a centrist to appeal to the voters in his district, which is on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, and is “wealthier and better-educated than the median congressional seat,” reported CNBC.

Republican Party-linked groups like the Congressional Leadership Fund spent $2.4 million to back Balderson, while about $280,000 in outside spending was used to back O’Connor, reported CNBC.

Democrats longed for an O’Connor victory as a sign that they will get the blue wave they have been working toward in November’s general elections. O’Connor would be the first Democrat to represent the district since 1982.

The president congratulated other winners in Tuesday’s special elections:

And, early on Wednesday morning, Trump added, “5 for 5!”

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