Billionaire Who Wants To Reshape Party Says Democrats Lack Common Sense

Democrats lack “common sense,” according to liberal billionaire Tom Steyer.

Steyer recently announced he was launching a $110 million effort to reshape the Democrat Party and some people have speculated could be eyeing a run for the presidency in 2020.

The billionaire investor recently spoke at the Netroots Nation Convention in New Orleans and told his liberal audience that Democrat lawmakers have not done enough to try and impeach President Trump.

“Not a single person in the Senate Democratic Caucus has shown the common sense or the sense of right and wrong to support impeachment,” Steyer said, Fox News reports. “There hasn’t been a serious effort to introduce a motion for impeachment in the House since December, that’s eight months ago.”

The billionaire investor said Trump is “wildly corrupt” and Democrats were no longer trying to stop his policy agenda.

“They’re not willing to face a devastating and obvious truth about this president, that he is wildly corrupt and that we are well past the threshold to kick him out of office,” he said. “I don’t see the Democratic establishment doing anything real to stop him.”

From Fox News:

Steyer is the founder of the Need To Impeach campaign, which is aimed squarely at President Trump.

The billionaire said Thursday that while Democratic lawmakers tell him in private about their willingness to back his campaign, they won’t take any public stance.

“Their message to me and the 5.5 million Americans demanding Donald Trump’s impeachment is that it’s bad politics, it’s off message and it will galvanize the Republicans.”

Steyer reportedly has pledged $40 million to his campaign since it launched last October.

House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi and others have expressed they would no longer focus on presidential impeachment efforts.

As Politico reports, Steyer previously announced an effort to spend $110 million reshaping the Democrat Party:

Steyer is building out an operation that’s bigger than anyone’s other than the Koch brothers’ — and the billionaire and his aides believe the reservoir of nontraditional voters he’s already activated could become the overriding factor in House and other races across the country.

Steyer is hoping to put the impeachment effort back at the forefront of the political fight between Democrats and the president.

From Axios:

Why it matters: Steyer is creating a robust political operation that not only rivals the conservative Koch Network, but that makes him the biggest individual source of money and resources for Democrats.

The different groups through which Steyer will invest in the midterms include Need to Impeach, NextGen America (which focuses on youth voter engagement), and For Our Future PAC, which works with local groups and communities ahead of elections.

  • Politico reports Steyer will have 2,000 volunteers and 1,000 staff members across the network.
  • The money will primarily go toward House races, but will be spent on everything from mobilizing voters to TV advertisements.

One problem: Democratic leadership is often at odds with Steyer because they don’t think calling for impeachmentwill help them win in November.

The Democrat Party’s lack of a cohesive message, split in party leadership and Socialist fractions look like they have already lost against an administration who, under President Trump’s leadership, has: cut taxes for taxpayers in all income brackets, seen historic unemployment, slashed federal regulations, increased militaristic capabilities, and witnessed peace with North Korea.

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