MUM: Democrat Member Of Congress Hospitalized Over The Weekend

Democrat Congressman John Lewis reportedly fell ill on a plane and was rushed to an Atlanta hospital on Saturday evening. The 78-year-old Georgia representative has been a member of Congress for 31 years and was hospitalized a full day before being released on Sunday evening.

Brenda Jones, a spokesperson for Lewis, said the Georgia Democrat emerged from the hospital with a “clean bill of health.”

“Rep. John Lewis has been released from the hospital this evening,” according to a statement from ABC News. “All tests have been completed, and doctors have given him a ‘clean bill of health.’ He thanks everyone who shared their thoughts, prayers and concerns during his stay.”

Per ABC News:

Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB reported the congressman fell ill on a plane trip back to Atlanta, where he was to attend an event Saturday night.

Jones had said Saturday night the civil rights icon was fine and expected to be released on Sunday.

“There is no cause for alarm,” Jones said in an email to ABC News. “He will be fine. He’s resting comfortably and expects to be released tomorrow.”

Lewis has served in Congress since January 1987. Currently representing Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, he has been re-elected 14 times — often running unopposed in recent years.

While it seems Lewis’ condition is less-serious than that of Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign, some in the mainstream media similarly glossed over both illnesses.

Hillary was later diagnosed with pneumonia and was forced to pull away from the media to rest, but made sure details of her condition were withheld from the American public.

From a 2016 NBC News report:

During a Sept. 11 memorial event on Sunday at Ground Zero, she was unsteady and clearly needed help getting into a van after becoming “overheated and dehydrated.” And Clinton canceled a planned to trip to California for Monday while she rests at home.

The Clinton campaign deliberately did not reveal Hillary had a serious health condition and only released two short statements concerning the incident, NBC News reports.

Here’s more:

Clinton’s campaign appears to have, at best, withheld information from the public and — at worst — misled them by aggressively batting down “conspiracy theories” that her coughing fit was anything more than allergies. Opponents are already seeing the incident as proof of their claims that Clinton has been hiding health issues. And others may now be more incredulous of the campaign’s statements on her health.

Pneumonia is common, but still a potentially dangerous disease that sends about 1 million people to the hospital every year and kills about 50,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

With the November congressional elections just around the corner, voters should have all relevant information, including a member’s health, available to them and vote accordingly.

Democrat National Committee Chair Tom Perez reached out to his colleague over social media:

“Wishing @repjohnlewis a speedy recovery. We’ve got a lot of Good Trouble waiting for you once you’re all healed up. Looking forward to fighting alongside you again soon, my friend.

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