Want To Know How Liberals Think About Govt Spending? It’s SCARY

If voters needed another reason not to trust Democrats with the reigns of government, then they should look no further than the recent comments by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Hayes took to social media to comment on an interview with New York Democrat candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.”

During the interview, Ocasio-Cortez named a bunch of things American should have for “free,” like education, healthcare, etc.

Noah simply responded, “How do we pay for it?”

The question seemed to stump the New York candidate, but she ended up saying if corporations and wealthier Americans are taxed more, a carbon tax was implemented and the U.S. stopped increasing funding for the military then somehow there would be enough money.

Check it out:

Ocasio-Cortez took some backlash from people online who pointed out both her predictions and her understanding of the economy was fundamentally flawed. They also pointed out the military did not receive a $700 billion budget increase as she cites, but that she confused the number with the military’s total budget. The MSNBC host chimed in to defend the Democrat candidate.

“I think a good answer for ‘How will you pay for your agenda?’ is ‘We’re a very rich country. We’ll figure it out,’ Hayes tweeted.

Democrats seem willing to keep spending and expect the bill to be magically paid off later. Good idea?

The tweet was widely critiqued:

Hayes double-downed on his comments a few moments later. “After 9/11 we found literally trillions of dollars for war, massive increases in domestic security (an entirely new agency!), and a Medicare drug benefit. No one spelled out ‘how to pay for it’ ahead of time and yet somehow it got paid for,” he said in a follow-up tweet.

Wow… Here’s how people responded:


Here’s even more, from Twitchy:


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