ANOTHER: Democrat Senator And Potential 2020 Candidate Calls For Supporters To ‘Get Up In The Face’ Of Members

Democrat Senator Cory Booker, who some people believe to be considering a 2020 bid against President Trump, told supporters this week that they should physically confront congressional members.

During a speech at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington, D.C. Booker issued a “call to action” to attendees. He told them not to just remain in the seats of the conference and passively go home, but to “go to the Hill today” and “get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

While Booker did not specifically call for the confrontation of Republican members, his ambiguous comments presumed members of the opposition.

Rochelle Ritchie, a Democratic strategist, clarified to Fox News Insider that Booker was not inciting violence, but instead was only encouraging people to address congressional members about homelessness.

“He did not say get in the face of conservatives, he did not say get in the face of Republicans,” she said, per the report.

The remarks were similar to that of Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters who, last month, called her supporters to confront members of the Trump administration “at the gas station,” at restaurants, and at the marketplace.

Per Fox News Insider:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said during an MSNBC interview last month that Trump officials won’t “be able to go to a restaurant” or “stop at a gas station,” and that people are going to “turn on them.”

She also told a crowd of supporters that she wants “history to record” that Democrats “pushed back” against the Trump administration.

Her comments were criticized by Republicans who said she looked to incite violence as a way of influence.

And, earlier this week, Waters said that “Americans should be out in the streets.”

“I think he’s dangerous,” she said speaking of Trump, as Washington Examiner reports, “I don’t know why people take it. I think Americans should be out in the streets screaming to the top of their voice. Do something. Make something happen.”

From the report:

“A lot of people call it racism,” she said. “A lot of people call it– tactics that he has employed that he’s gotten from– the Kremlin, and– Putin, and the way that they handle things.”

But, she added, “I don’t care what he says. He can do whatever he wants to. I know what I’m going to think about him. I think that this man does not deserve to be the president of the United States. He is one of the most deplorable people I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

And, she warned, “He can call me whatever he wants do. He does not intimidate me, and I’m not gonna stop talking about him.”

Waters has been widely criticized by Republicans for what they claim is inciting violence.

Though not specifically connected to Waters or Booker, there have been several altercations which have broken out between liberals and conservatives. Some of which have been people bullying Trump supporters and taking their red “Make America Great Again” hats, others have ended more violently.

Per Gateway Pundit:

A massive brawl broke out at Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after a youth pastor and YouTuber went out in “full MAGA gear” to see how supporters of the president are treated in public.

The YouTuber, Elijah Schaffer, had teamed up with musician Joy Villa for the social experiment. Though he is a Trump supporter, he describes his YouTube channel as being centrist.

To see what it is like to openly support our president, the duo went to the recently-vandalized Hollywood star and offered tourists a free photograph with a Trump cut out on Thursday evening.

During the experiment, a man approached the crew and began demeaning them for being white — while calling Villa, who is mixed race, “n-gga.” As the situation escalated, the man began to rile up the crowd that had formed to chant “f-ck Trump.”

Schaffer told The Gateway Pundit that the man left and came back with more men, one of whom had a large knife.

“They attacked my guard Tony Hoffman and started hitting my camera crew and myself,” Schaffer explained. It didn’t end there. The violent group also stole the YouTuber’s $3,000 camera.

Here’s a video of the altercation:

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