2020: Wait Until You See Who Just Said They May Run Against Trump

Former Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder said he was mulling a bid to contest President Trump in 2020, though he would be waiting until early next year before making any final decisions.

The Obama-era attorney made the comments during a segment on CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where they were met with some applause from the crowd.

Washington Examiner reports Holder raised some suspicions about running in 2020 when he recently visited New Hampshire, a state which has an early primary election and typically used alongside Iowa as a launchpad for presidential campaigns.

Instead of having his eyes set on 2020, Holder said his attention was on gaining Democrat majorities in 2018.

“My focus, really, now is on 2018, the midterms and trying to make sure that Democrats take back the Senate, take back the House, and that we do well, importantly, at the state level,” Holder said during the interview, as Politico reports.

Another focus of Holder’s is the redistricting expected after the 2020 census. From the report:

Holder said his focus right now on the upcoming midterm elections is especially sharp because of the Congressional redistricting that will be done after the 2020 census. The former attorney general leads the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a group whose aim is to break the GOP’s grip on the drawing of Congressional districts.

And, per ABC News:

Holder said with redistricting scheduled for 2021 and “a real problem with partisan gerrymandering” he wants “to make sure we elect as many people as possible at the governor level, at the state legislature level, that when 2021 comes, we have a fair redistricting process.”

As Mediaite reports, Colbert and Holder discussed the current political realm and the ongoing Russia investigation. In their discussion, they specifically talked about the FISA court warrant used to surveil Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. Holder denied that the warrant was based on the Steele dossier and was instead based on a previous understanding that Page had dealings with the Kremlin as early as 2013.

“Why do you think the Trump administration or certainly the president has said [the FISA warrant] exonerates him?” the host asked.

“I have no idea,” Holder responded. “I mean, I’m serious! If you look at it, it goes totally contrary to that which he says it’s going to contain. Devin Nunes is proved to be totally wrong. It is really one of these questions of who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? I mean, you just look at it and you can see that it paints a totally different picture than what the House Republicans have said and what this president has said.”

Colbert then made the tongue-in-cheek comment that news, specifically the FISA warrant  amounts to “news tofu” that “takes on the flavor of whoever is the person talking about it.”

The Obama-era attorney general responded that an “objective analysis” flies in the face of the analysis of congressional Republicans and members of the Trump administration.

“But I think there’s a certain objective analysis one can do,” Holder said. “There’s these things called facts, and then there’s this other stuff.”

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