‘The Left Is A Mess’: Look What They Were Just Doing Outside The White House

Remember when liberals hosted a “Scream at the sky” event last year to protest President Trump? The event was held in November and was rather self-explanatory: participants screamed helplessly at the clouds until they were tired, then left.

The odd gesture is seemingly a hallmark of the Left as they have been doing the same thing outside of the White House… for the last 5 days!

The multi-day protest is being led by a former Hillary Clinton staffer and was accompanied by a small band on Friday where the group played live music just outside of Layefette Park.

Per the Hill:

A former adviser to Hillary Clinton brought a hip-hop band and dancers to the White House for the fifth night of a multi-day protest on Friday.

Adam Parkhomenko has been organizing the “Occupy Lafayette Park” protests since President Trump’s controversial summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Footage captured from the Friday protest shows protesters standing along the White House fence holding signs that read “Treason” as the hip-hop band performs.

For the first night of protests, hundreds of people came to “welcome” Trump back from Helsinki, Finland, on Monday night and have been returning to the park every night since ostensibly to keep Trump from getting a good night’s sleep.

Twitchy reports many people online are skeptical about any perceived “success” coming from the protest:

As the Hill reminds, President Trump is not even in the White House this weekend, despite the protests continuing for at least another day:

The president is not at the White House this weekend. He left for his New Jersey golf club earlier on Friday.

Parkhomenko’s protest is expected to advance into its sixth day on Saturday night.

On Thursday night, Parkhomenko brought out opera singers to perform the national anthem. And the night before that, he organized an 18-person Mariachi band to play on Pennsylvania Avenue.

A few high profile names, including Alyssa Milano and Stormy Daniels’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, as well as Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), joined the protest earlier this week.

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